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The Future Unleashed: Exploring The Power Of Alternative Energy

Clean energy is energy that does not affect the environment or cause pollution at least in every step from production, processing, to use. to waste management especially carbon dioxide emissions which is a major cause of global warming in general Clean energy is often the energy that comes mainly from nature. 

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Can be used to replace traditional energy sources indefinitely Therefore, it is considered the energy of the future that all over the world pays attention to.

Alternative Energy is energy that comes from sources other than fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, natural gas or uranium. Which has only been used and will run out. It is also the main cause of the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. and lead to problems in climate change and the environment Most alternative energy is classified as clean energy. Used and never expired and does not pollute the environment This will help reduce the impact on various aspects from the use of fossil fuels.

Working principle of clean energy and alternative energy

clean energy and alternative energy Can be used in 2 ways, namely direct use, such as using heat energy from the sun to preserve food. Using wind power to sail the seas and powering wind turbines to grind grain. Using solar energy to warm the day and help start a fire at night, etc., and converting energy into the form of direct current or alternating current with various devices which have physical properties that can change the form of kinetic energy, mechanical energy or potential energy such as solar panels, wind turbines, generators, etc.

Taking advantage of clean and alternative energy

Nowadays, we can bring clean energy and alternative energy. To take advantage of a variety of different forms of heat production. as a fuel in the transport sector and the production of electricity to replace fossil fuels that may run out in the near future Clean and alternative energy also saves costs. And most importantly, it helps to reduce pollution and environmental problems of the world. Because it is clean energy that can be used to replace traditional energy unlimitedly. It is also available from nature and can be reused continuously.

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