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The Interesting Real-life Uses of Augmented Reality

How many of you have heard about augmented reality? A few years ago, people started having access to this brilliant technology to enhance the user experience. Augmented reality is popular amongst the age group of 13-35 years, and they are the people who mostly make purchases online.

This highly influential 3D technology allows its users to try products that they want to buy in real-time and decide whether it is suitable for them. So far, you must have heard of AR eyewear, an application, but now there are AR beauty and AR jewelry applications as well that are ready to give you an excellent shopping experience. If you are a newbie and don’t know much about augmented reality, here are some interesting real-time uses of AR that you must learn.

Five interesting Real-life uses of Augmented Reality

1. AR for broadcasting news

You have seen news reporters using augmented reality several times. Whether they are giving a weather report or are broadcasting for a sports event, augmented reality has been a huge part of the broadcasting industry for several years. It makes it easier for the broadcaster to tell a story in detail by showing visuals interpreting the actual event.

2. AR for Healthcare

The medical industry has accepted AR technology in the best way. There is more scope of understanding in what a patient has to go through during a medical procedure. Augmented reality has proven to be helpful in explaining to patients how a medical procedure occurs and is excellent support in training medical practitioners. AR allows doctors to have a three-dimensional representation of a patient’s anatomy.

3. AR for Retail

Most online retail stores have seen it and used it to give their customers a better shopping experience. AR technology has proven to be effective in almost all retail stores. Whether you think about buying a car or a pair of sunglasses, in both conditions, you will get a real-life experience to see how the product looks. You can switch between colors and models to understand what is more suitable for your needs. Augmented reality is a sure hit for the retail industry.

4. AR for Education

There is no doubt that children learn from what they see more than what they read or hear in both conditions. With AR, teachers get the opportunity of explaining to students a condition with 3D technology that enables them to sink in more information. It not only makes the learning process more attractive but it results to be more fruitful.

5. AR in Jewellery

The days when you have to visit a store to buy a piece of jewelry physically are long gone. Today, AR in jewelry allows customers to sit at home and try it on themselves. Customers can not only pick a piece of jewelry that they like and see it in three-dimension but can also place it around their neck, head, and ears to see how it fits their personality.

Augmented reality has covered most industries and has proved beneficial for them. Retails marketer has agreed that their sales have boosted to almost double within the past few years. So, if you are a new-age customer and want to buy products after trying them on yourself, look for brands that offer you AR technology and make your shopping experience worthwhile.

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