Things to consider when choosing a Metal Roofing Contractor

As a manufacturer of metal roofing, we would like to share this opportunity to share the major keys to consider when selecting roofing contractors in Edmonton. Whether you choose us or not, make sure you consider these points.

Types and varieties of metal roofing

When you look for metal roofing suppliers, it will not be wrong to look for suppliers offering different types of metal roofing. A common difference is whether you want standing seam metal roofing or panel metal roofing such as tile, slate or shake. With vertical seam products, you may notice different manufacturers using fastener products. Hence, make sure you keep that in mind when choosing standing seam metal. And if you plan to go with the modular panel, then choose the ones with PVDF technology. It will best meet your requirements and the visual appeal of your home. Your preferred style depends largely on the supplier you have chosen.


Consider the ship-to location of your new room. If you have chosen standing seam, then shipping these panels over a long distance can be really expensive. The required shipping distance affects your cost. Modular metal roof such as slate, tile or shingles are simpler to ship as they don’t come in long panels.


The experience of your metal roofing manufacturer is essential. There are things that companies learn to do better with time such as flashing design and installation procedure which affect the long-term performance of a roof. Your roofing manufacturer will offer a warranty for your roof, hence you would look for the one with a proven history, reputation and stability to support your warranty claims, if any, in the future.

Quality of the metal roof

It is important to confirm the quality and grade of metal and coating offered by the manufacturer. Check out the details of the company that produced the roof. Find out if it is certified or not.

Pre-formed accessories

A lot of reputable metal roofing manufacturers offer pre-formed accessories that are used in your roofing. This is essential as their accessories will be made from the same material as the roofing panel. The accessories will be tested and proven just like the metal roofing. If you don’t get the pre-formed accessories, then the contractor will have to form it on-site. If this is the situation, then make sure they are formed and shaped as per the specs.

Service and delivery

It is important to enquire how long will it take to get your roofing material. Also, enquire about the technical details relayed to your roofing material and see how quickly they respond. If they take a long time to respond, then they may not be very supportive of their customers.


The warranty offered by different contractors can vary with regards to coverage, length, transferability as well as proration. But, make sure you get the product warranty as well as the workmanship warranty.

AMT Roofing meets all your needs and requirements and offers the best solution for metal roofing.