Things to look at before Buying an Air Conditioner

An air conditioner cools the air inside the house or enclosed area by eliminating heat and moisture from the air. The subject of this article is about air conditioners. Getting a good air conditioner should be a top consideration for every purchase. This article may be useful if you are looking to buy one.

Air conditioning has progressed from a luxurious lifestyle to a utility, and it has improved people’s standard of living in several way. Air conditioners enable the inside temperature of a building to stay generally constant, despite variations in outdoor weather patterns and excess heat loads. Below are things one should consider before purchasing an air conditioner.

Cooling capacity of air conditioner

If you get a less powerful air conditioner but have a larger room, it will immediately raise your monthly electricity use. Furthermore, because of the lower cooling capacity, it will not adequately chill the room.

Purchase Price

When purchasing an air conditioner, examine the many different models because air conditioner prices in Kenya varies with quality, relying on certain parameters such as specs, performance, user reviews, after-sales support comments, and so on.

Choose your final option based on your needs and budget after careful consideration. Despite the fact that air conditioners offer a wide range of functions these days, it is essential to select the equipment that has the functionality that meets your requirements. Choose a well-known brand’s air conditioner with all the required features at a fair price.

Consumption of power

Buying a cheap air conditioner that requires more electricity to operate is not a good idea. Annually, your power and maintenance expenditures will rise. It is recommended that you choose air conditioners that have a high tick rate.

Cooling effectiveness

Air conditioners with a poor-quality condenser and thermostat will use more power and take longer to reach the set temperature. This puts more strain on the air conditioner and diminishes its efficiency.


Everyone understands that if a consumer is dissatisfied, he will never purchase anything from that firm again.

Keeping this in mind, choose a company that adds value to the client after selling anything. After-sales care that’s where the manufacturer’s credibility is put to the test.

Maintenance Requirements and Costs

Prior to purchasing, you should also clarify with the seller how frequently the Air conditioning system requires maintenance and repair for optimal operation. You cannot put off air conditioner maintenance since it will lead to less cooling and more power consumption. This will have an impact on other aspects and may necessitate further financial spending.


The condenser and coils used in the air conditioner determine its projected operating life and capacity. In air conditioners, two types of condensers are employed. One is a copper condenser, and the second is an aluminum condenser.

Remember that because air conditioners are very sophisticated, they requirespecial care and maintenance.


Many customers make the stupid error of purchasing air conditioning only on the advice of the seller. You should not make this error. You must be informed about the air conditioner you intend to purchase. Keep these ideas in mind when you make air conditioning options.