Things You Should Avoid Saying at The Car Accident Scene

A car accident can be a stressful and traumatic experience. While some people may react well under pressure, others may not. You must be careful with your words after a car accident, as they can be used against you at the time of claim. 

The insurance company can use what you say after the accident to manipulate you into a lesser compensation. 

The things you say at the car accident scene can result in a denied personal injury claim by your insurance company. To ensure your insurance company does not trick you into their dirty techniques, first be careful with your words, and secondly, contact a car accident attorney at Spear Greenfield as soon as possible.

Here is what you should avoid saying at the car accident scene at all costs.

  • Make an apology

The most common mistake people make after a car accident is apologizing to the other party out of empathy. While being empathetic is good, you should not do it when it has the potential to harm you. 

Apologizing to the other party will confirm that it was your mistake even when you might not be at fault. However, your insurance company will use this against you at the time of claim and may give you a lesser compensation or even deny your claim.

  • Stating that you are absolutely fine

Even if you can move around and talk to the other party and witnesses at the accident scene, it does not necessarily mean you are okay or have no injuries. While some injuries appear immediately or are evident enough after a car accident, others might take time to reveal themselves.

Some wounds can be internal and might not have immediate symptoms and effects on you. So, if the police arrive at the accident scene, make a report that does not state you are okay before consultation with a doctor. 

  • Do not provide an official testimony.

At the car accident scene, do not give out an official statement to anyone. When giving your testimony, make sure you do not speculate on anything you are unsure of and keep it as short as possible.

You should discuss the car accident details afterward with your lawyer. Once you meet your lawyer, you can tell them everything that happened during and after their car accident. 

Your lawyer will then guide you to make an official statement for your claim that you will be giving to your insurance company.