Tips to design a pet-friendly home

If you love pets, you should know that the comfort of your pet comes with the happiness and comfort of all the other residents of the house or the family members. The skilled home interior designers in Bangalore can always help you to get the best interior for your pets and also your entire family.

Accurate nutritional foods and regular visits to the vet are important for the safekeeping of your lovable, furry friends, regardless of their species. Happiness and healthy life are always special priorities for all types of pet carers.

Of course, there are also the tasks like walking them, taking them on some vacations and proper love and care included but most important of those is that you should have your houses designed to offer the best accommodation to your pets if possible.

In a nutshell, home is the place where the pets can spend a good amount of time. So, here are some special but helpful tips on how you can get a pet-friendly home so that your cute friends can have a good living experience.

  • Tips for designing a pet-friendly house

Choose special floor tiles instead of using carpets

As the carpets can easily absorb stains, they give out bad smells, and all pet furs get stuck on them. They are not long-lasting enough to remain undamaged from the scratches and even can get ruined easily.

Hence, the sturdy ceramic tiles or the porcelain tiles are a far better choice if you have pets. Choose to paint the floors with a dark color with variations in tone in order to cover any messes.

Focus on the furniture which is pet-friendly

 In terms of upholstery, fabric, and design, a pet-friendly idea is always needed. For example, a home with stain-resistant fabric or slip-resistance furniture and synthetic fabrics is always a good choice. Just make sure that the furniture is both scratch and stain-resistant. Hence, avoid fabrics like velvet, tweed, silk, suede, etc.

Replace or hide your important medicines and other toxic products

Put your medicines on the higher shelves or in those places where your beloved pets cannot reach. In fact, a large number of human foods are not good for pups or kittens. Discuss with your vet about those harmful items and place them in hidden areas to maintain the health and safety of your pets.

Put a lid on or cover your trash

To stop your beloved dog or cat from playing with unhealthy and old food, just remember to put a heavy lid on your trash can. Many birds are known to search for food items in the trash can. Therefore, do place them behind something big and heavy to avoid accidental knockings.

Place them beside a window

Give them a special place near the windowbut don’t forget to install a safety screen. Pets who spend most of their time indoors would really love to have a good view of the outside area or to get the sunshine. Arrange for suitable seating for the pet to enjoy the comforts of the window-side resting area. You can get good ideas regarding this from the home interior designers in Bangalore.

Use the corners smartly

Use the corners in a smart way. The bottom parts of the cabinets and the narrow corners can make good spaces for the home of your pet. They can easily snuggle inside those spaces in any room and also remain safe. The special tip for a pet-friendly home is to have a special space for your beloved pet, an area of their own.

These above-mentioned points can always support the special ideas of the best home interior designers in Bangalore and thus help you to give your pet a comfortable life.