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Top 5 New Best Technologies Used in Sports Industry

Sports and technology go hand in hand these days, especially when providing entertainment to fans from all over the world. Even though athleticism uses the human element, most sports are facilitated by some kind of technology to calculate scores or just to cover the event.

Now that technology is much more modern than it was before, many elements of the sporting industry are improved by new technologies. From tracking scores to fan engagement in 12Play, here are some of the new technologies that are being used now in the sporting industry.

Wearable Technology

There are many brands now producing wearable devices that have multiple applications across industries. Sports is one of these industries that are enjoying the benefits of wearable technologies.

A lot of wearable devices are being used in football and other kinds of sports. One of the notable examples is the smartwatch. Devices like Fitbit are now being utilized by several professionals and enthusiasts that can be used to track distances, cardio rates and calorie intakes.

Before, human eyes were used to track things in sports, nowadays sport facilitators can now calculate scores using data from these devices.


Sensors have long been used in many things, however, the technology is a major importance in the sports industry. It was now being used in the clothing and shoes of players to track their health and body measurements.

There are many types of sensors being used in sports with each one having its own unique functionality.

Devices such as sleep trackers, heart rate monitors, local positioning system units, accelerometers, pressure sensors, global positioning system units, inertial sensors and velocity based training sensors are being used in sporting events.

During matches and performances, wearable sensor technologies are really helpful to calculate exact data, improve performance and prevent injuries.

Fan Engagement

Many years ago, fan engagement in sporting events involved being physically present in the venue and bonding with other sports fans to support the team using paraphernalias like giant foam fingers.

Nowadays, fan engagement is very different, the development of technology mostly has taken the fan community online. There are many sports arenas that have high-speed internet to provide fans ease of accessibility to the internet within the venue itself for accessing applications, updating social media statuses, and live streaming.

As for fans who are not present within the premises, they can engage online using applications like 12 Play Singapore that provide fan experiences like real-time event streaming, online merchandise shops and sports betting.

Instant Replay

One of the newer additions to technologies being used in sports is the VAR or video assistant replay system. This technology is very useful for reviewing decisions made by the referee on sports matches using high-definition video footage and headsets.

This technology is helpful in eliminating poor decisions in judging mistakes made by the players during the game. VAR are also used in matches for judges to analyze moments and help them arrive at a sound decision in finals scores.

Equipment Upgrades

In the present, several equipment being used in sports are being updated with new technologies to provide users with ease of accessibility. These equipment are also utilized to reduce accidents and preserve safety for the athletes, staff and spectators of the event.

In sporting events like the NFL, special helmets are being used now to prevent head injuries. In car racing events, concrete barriers are being replaced by a much safer material. Meanwhile, in ice hockey, new types of glasses that are designed to absorb impacts rather than being shattered are being used to promote safety.

Final Thoughts

Technology has been dominating the modern world and the continuous development of many industries are inevitable. It is now up to us if we will continue to use these technologies for greater good or for harm.

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