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Types of Fire Pits

As time goes by, many people have started to see the need for having a fire pit in their homes. A fire pit has its advantages hence why people should invest in it.

Other than aesthetic purposes, it increases the value of your home should you want to sell it in the future. It is also used as a lighting tool when there is a blackout and provides warmth during cold nights or seasons.

Imagine having a long day and coming home to sit by your pit, watching the fire burn as you listen to its crackles and the flames dancing around. Therapeutic, yes? There is a need to discuss the various kinds of fire pit kits and how they differ.

1. Wood Burning Fire Pits

These are similar to campfires but are contained in a specific space. Usually, they are built in your backyard. Just like campfires, you experience the ambiance, smell real smoke from the burning woods as you watch them crackle.

They come in different varieties. These are;

  • Wood burning grill– You can use it for grilling and cooking. It is usually accompanied by a grill grate placed above the embers.
  • Outdoor fireplace– it can either be portable or in-built. It mainly improves the look of your backyard and has similar designs to that of an indoor fireplace.
  • Brick or Stone fire pit– compared to the others, a stone fire pit is cost-effective since it is a DIY project. You can use bricks, stones, or cinder blocks to build it.

Although they improve the quality of a home, these kinds of fire pits can be expensive to maintain.

You will be required to buy wood every time you want to light it. You can opt for buying chopped timber in large quantities but then store them in a dry place. However, be aware that it will attract insects.

2. Propane Fire Pits

They are more convenient to homeowners. They produce a beautiful, quality flame that does not necessitate you to refill with wood or gel. Most propane fire pits are enormous and are the main focus of attention in a patio. They can be molded using faux wood, glass, or rock pebbles. They also come in a variety.

  • A copper bowl fire pit is more durable and will last longer because of the copper material. They are fancier but among the expensive options.
  • Firepit table– most propane fire pits take after the shape of a table with a rim surrounding the flames. That is to make it safe for kids, preventing them from getting too close to the fire. The edges can also act as a table where you can place your plate of food or drinks when sitting around the fire.
  • Portable propane fire pit– has more advantages than the other kinds. It creates a pleasing ambiance, provides warmth, can be used for cooking, and is portable. You can move these fire pits anywhere you want in your backyard since some come in wheels while others are easy to carry around. They are the best type of fire pit to invest in.

The only expense here is buying propane and the risk of it running out while you are entertaining yourself. Read more here

3. Gel Fuel Fire Pits

They are adaptable and can be moved anywhere in the yard. They are fascinating and create a more beautiful atmosphere. The gel is clean and does not produce any smoke or smell.

  • Tabletop fireplace– can be easily moved to outdoor or indoor settings. They are a good option for those who prefer a small fire.
  • Gel fueled logs– you can place these logs in any fire pit. The fire looks natural, yet gel fuel holders are concealed inside the logs.

It is not easy to find gel fuel in stores because not many are invested in them since they do not produce as much heat as the other designs.

4. Natural Gas Fire Pits

They are permanent and best for backyards that can install a natural gas line. With this, you can never worry about running out of fuel.

  • Sunken design– are built in the ground and patio. The flames in this design are close, requiring you to be cautious.
  • Square, round, or tabletop design– design it above the ground with stone or bricks, among others.

Maintaining this design is relatively inexpensive. However, installing the natural gas line will cost you a reasonable sum of money. Click here for more insights.


Various fire pit designs can fit any type of backyard. Choose a fire pit that fits your budget and, more importantly, one that meets your needs. Before settling for a design, plan ahead. If your design requires you to purchase fuel every once in a while, then budget for such expenditure. Invest in a fire pit and enjoy warm nights entertaining your friends and family.

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