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Unlock PDF: A Hassle-Free Online Process with PDFBear

Have you ever paused and felt stuck staring at your laptop because of a protected PDF file? Were you able to unlock the said file in just a few minutes? Or did it cause you some trouble? Well, it might be your lucky day because this article is a good fit for you. Continue reading to know the salient steps to unlock pdf and be familiar with the online tool’s best features and advantages.

4 Steps in Unlocking the PDF File

There are few steps that you need to follow carefully to unlock PDF files using PDFBear:

1) Select a file to upload

Choose a protected PDF file you want to be password-free. After selecting, upload the file via dragging and dropping it in the Upload Section. And there you go, you would notice that the upload process will start and upload the file.

2) Enter the current password

Enter and type the current password of your PDF file. Put the correct password to avoid a hassle undergoing the process. If you have forgotten the password, that would add another step or cause a delay in the entire process.

3) Click the “unlock PDF”

Once you see the “unlock PDF,” click on it and await the unlocking process to finish. This step will decrypt the file, and once done, the file will be ready for download.

4) Wait for the newly downloaded file

In this last step, all you have to do is to wait for the new decrypted file. The file will directly be downloaded to your device automatically. You can now check and open your new password-free PDF file.

Key Features and Strengths

Not all online tools available on the net will give you satisfaction when it comes to their offered features. Some tools may still give you a hard time with their unclear set of instructions or vague step-by-step procedures. What sets PDFBear apart from other online tools is the set of features that come with it. The said key features are:

Access to Password-free PDF File

In just a few clicks, you can access your new password-free file anytime you want. The Unlock PDF feature helps you with your dilemma in removing your PDF file’s password. You will no longer have a hard time viewing or accessing the file once it is decrypted. It can now also be forwarded to other people who need to view or access the file. But keep in mind that without a password, your file is at risk. Someone may hack and access it without your permission.

Security of Password Removal Service

Safeguarding your PDF files via password-removal service is one strength of the PDFBear online tool. The said service will secure your files and will ensure that they will not be infected with any Malware or viruses. This process is done in a safe environment and will also guarantee that the file processing is confidential – for your eyes only.

Accessibility via Any Devices (It works everywhere)

There is no reason to worry about issues of compatibility or accessibility of the unlock PDF of PDFBear tool since it can run on whatever device you opt to use – be it Windows, Linux, Mac, or even via your tablets and phones. You only need to go directly to PDFBear’s website and find the “unlock pdf” feature and proceed with its process by following the instructions given.

Fast and Easy Process of Unlocking PDF

PDFBear offers a fast and easy process of unlocking your files. You just need to upload and wait for the conversion in just a few minutes. This online tool is very easy to use – the upload and download process is plain and simple.

Unlocking of Majority of the Files

The unlocking of the files will depend on the encryption. Most of the PDF files are easy to unlock, but there are also instances that only the password of the owner will be the sole key to decrypt and unlock the files.

In the Cloud Feature

Password removal or unlocking PDF files will never be easy if not with superior cloud technology. The convenience of accessing the file anytime, anywhere is because of the said technology. You can now access the file quickly and easily.


Average users will have a hard time finding the option to remove the password from an encrypted or protected PDF file. Because of the said dilemma, PDFBear offers an online tool where you can unlock PDF documents in just a few clicks on your preferred devices. So, if you’re still having trouble with your encrypted PDF files, worry no more. Just try PDFBear online and enjoy the features that it offers. Always choose the convenient way – easy and fast online access anytime and anywhere that you need it.

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