What Are The Various Types Of Whiskey Available In The Market?

Whiskey, also spelled whisky, is any of several distilled alcoholic beverages made from a fermentation process mixture of cereal grains. These include the various whiskeys produced in the United States and Scotch, Irish, and Canadian whiskeys. Whiskey has always been aged in white oak or other types of wood. The name is written with an e in Ireland and the U.s. but without an e in Scotland and Canada. Nowadays, you can also get personalised whiskey customised according to your palate. Due to variations in production techniques, types and personalities of cereal grains, and characteristics of the water used, each nation’s whiskeys have a unique personality.

Straight whiskeys are either consumed neat or mixed only with other spirits produced by the same distiller and period. Scotch and similar products made by various distillers over time are examples of blended whiskeys. Blended whiskeys can also be created by combining neutral whiskeys, which don’t have any distinguishing flavour characteristics, and straight whiskeys (in the United States and Canada). Blends may contain trace amounts of other flavouring ingredients (like sherry or fruit juices). Some whiskeys may need to be aged for a specific time under government supervision.

Types Of Whiskeys

Scotch Whiskey

The flavour of Irish whiskey is softer than that of other whiskeys. It comprises a malt mash, should only be distilled with water and caramel colouring and has a minimum three-year distillation requirement in wooden casks. While Irish whiskey can bring cocktails to life, the outcome is a whiskey that is simple to enjoy neat or on the rocks.

Irish Whiskey

In Scotland, malt or grain helps create Scotch whisky, also known as just scotch. The laws that distillers are required to abide by reflecting how seriously the Scots take their whisky production. The spirit must spend at least three years maturing in an oak barrel. Additionally, each bottle must include an age statement indicating the youngest aged malt used to create that blend. This whisky is best enjoyed neat and makes a delicious after-dinner beverage.

Whisky From Japan

Japanese whisky, which entered the spirits market a little later than Irish and Scotch, has distinguished itself thanks to its high standards. Japanese whisky was developed using similar distillation techniques to scotch whisky to taste as similar as possible. People typically consume it with a splash of soda or mixed drinks.

Whisky From Canada

Canadian whisky must spend a minimum of 3 years in a barrel, just like scotch. Because it has a higher corn content than some other types of whiskey, it is lighter and smoother. Most Canadian whiskies come from rye and corn, but some may contain wheat or barley.

Whiskey From Bourbon

Bourbon is a corn-based whiskey made in the American style. A spirit must be made in America, fully matured in a new oak barrel, and contain at least 51% corn, referred to as bourbon whiskey. It must be packaged at 80 proof or higher and has no minimum ageing requirement. You do not need to wait for the Kentucky Derby to discover how to make a mint julep; bourbon is the main component.

Kentucky Whiskey

Even though Tennessee whiskey is bourbon, not all of the state’s distillers are fans of that. Instead, Tennessee whiskey describes their style. State law mandates that all current Tennessee whiskey production companies create their bourbons in Tennessee and filter them using the Lincoln County Process before ageing them.


Straight malt whiskey is produced when at least 51 percent wheat malt is used in the mash; straight rye whiskey is produced when rye malt is used. You can order a personalised whiskey bottle that is custom-made to your preferences. Whiskeys are consumed neat and blended into highballs, punches, and cocktails.