What Technical Skills Every ASP.Net Should Have?

Before you choose to hire .Net developers for your next project or your software development company, you should learn what traits and skills make an excellent ASP.Net developer. Mastering these skills can help you make you the best and most sought-after decision.

Let us begin with technologies that are specific only to ASP.Net developers. If you want to become the best .Net developer, you should master these technologies:

ASP.Net – .Net framework makes it simpler to reuse code in different places. It offers you the chance to make your product code different from its layer of presentation. It also supports various programming models.

Visual Studio – With various extensions from third-party providers and Microsoft, Visual studio enhances CI, integrations, and team collaborations.

ASP.Net Core – Build for Windows, Linux, and macOS, ASP.Net core is a redesign of .Net 4.x. It offers better performance.

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Entity Framework – Supported by Microsoft, Entity Framework is an object-relational and open-source mapping framework. With this framework, you do not need to concentrate on the relations and objects of your database while using it effectively.

Xamarin – An excellent platform having tools and libraries for ASP.Net developers. It is especially handy when working on mobile apps. Using Xamarin makes it simple to create native products using .Net. This platform includes a base framework to access the native features, platform-specific libraries, editor extension, and libraries for design pattern.

Roslyn – An ASP.Net compiler platform, Roslyn also exposes different sets of APIs, allowing wider interaction with code. Roslyn offers you information regarding source code and let you perform code analysis on-demand.

There are lots of less specific skills too. No matter which tech stack you select, they are important. The way of using them may vary for ASP.Net. However, they are universal for most .Net developers.

Databases– Having the knowledge of SQL and databases is vital both for front-end and back-end developers. It is not just useful for programming, but during bug fixing and testing as well.

MVC – It is a product design pattern. It defines interaction between the components of an application and the GUI.

SCRUM – Having the knowledge of SCRM-based working and agile development processes is a must-have for every software developer. This skill can help you smoothly work with the project managers.

Code Refactoring – You can find various code refactoring techniques. All of them intend to create and resign a cleaner and simpler code leading to higher application efficacy. Refactoring helps make the code better without changing its features.

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Version Control – Version control is important for high-level software development. It enhances the process of both development and testing. Familiarize yourself with GIT at least as it can be a big plus as a .Net developer.

Build Tools – For small and simple applications, it can be done manually. However, for larger and complicated software build by remote teams, tools should be there for automating the creation of applications like NAnt, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and more.

Unit Testing Framework – The unit tests are important almost always. They are vital mainly in Test Driven and SCRUM development. Being a developer, know the frameworks and tools suitable for your chosen tech stack.

Despite the tech stack, there are some soft skills also that virtually every developer should have. Since, we are humans working with others, even remotely, we require some soft skills and traits that help us work with other sin a better way:

Logical Thinking – Programming depends on logical connections. Hence logical thinking is vital to know how it works.

Patience – Creation of software is a difficult task. However, the most persistent ones have a reward waiting for them. Highly efficient products with beautiful codes.

Attention To Details – It is one of the most important skill every .Net programmer should have as no mistake is entertained in programming languages.

Communication -Teamwork calls for effective and clear communication. Even with a small communication, you should know how to communicate at work.

Teamwork – Teamwork differs from group work. Group work means working with people at the same place, but they won’t make a team until they influence one another’s work.

Problem-Solving Skills – This complex skill calls for an attitude towards challenges. So, you need lots of creativity and analytical thinking to be a problem solver.

Active listening – Active listeners are focused on listening and understanding others perspectives, making sure that there is no misunderstanding, and asking questions. It is hard but beneficial.

For an ASP.Net developer, there are many more skills to master. However, these were some of the most important skills a developer should have. Professional and skilled developers should know the sector and industry they are working for and should also ensure to fit in the company’s culture too.