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What to Do on Finding Asbestos in Your Property

If you reside in Sydney, in a house that was constructed before 1990, then there’s a reason for you to be careful. Your home may have a form of asbestos product or material unless you have valid proof of it being removed. Asbestos is a harmful mineral present in soil and rock. It was extensively employed in manufacturing during the 20th century. In cities like Sydney, approximately 11667 cases of malignant mesothelioma were reported between the years 1982 and 2009. Thus, you must contact qualified Asbestos Removal in Sydney experts who specialise in removing both non-friable and friable asbestos. If you think you’ve been exposed to this harmful mineral, you need to take certain steps immediately. Here’s what you can do.

Stop What You’re Doing and Warn Others

As you get notified of asbestos, the first thing you can do is to stop all work and warn others about it. Get as far away from the asbestos source as possible. Then, wipe all your clothes using a wet cloth. You should also remove your shoes and clothes and place them in a plastic bag. Ensure to wash yourself and your hair thoroughly. Asbestos looks a lot like fibres and so can be challenging to detect.

Get in Touch with Your Doctor

The next step is to contact relevant authorities and experts. After you have discovered asbestos, you should assess the length of time you have been exposed to it. If it is many years, don’t waste any time informing your doctor about it. It takes a lot of years of exposure to cause conditions like asbestosis. However, it’s best on your part to remain cautious.

Don’t Try to Deal with the Exposure Yourself.

It is highly recommended that you leave asbestos alone to the care of a professional. Your health greatly depends on it, and the best recourse on your part is to let the professionals deal with that area. Contact a trusted service for Asbestos Removal in Sydney whose specialists carry out the asbestos removal work as per a Safe Work Australia Code of Practice 2011. Leave the removal work to those trained for it. As for you, your only priority is to minimise your contact with this mineral completely.

What Not to Do on Finding Asbestos in Your Home

Never leave undamaged materials that have asbestos alone. If you have children, limit their access to materials containing asbestos. Homeowners shouldn’t dust, sweep, or vacuum debris having this harmful mineral. You should also never saw, scrape, or drill holes in these materials. At the same time, don’t employ a power stripper on the floors that have asbestos. If the area where you found this mineral is where much activity takes place, get it cleaned using a wet mop. If the material comes from a damaged area, always take the help of a professional.

It’s always a wise idea to identify if there’s asbestos lurking in your home before embarking on any renovation program in Sydney. Some places where this mineral is present in Sydney homes include the backing of vinyl floor tiles, living areas, and underlay sheeting for tiles made of ceramic. You can also find it in hot water insulation in the house’s walls. If you feel that you are experiencing symptoms of asbestos exposure like shortness of breath, chronic cough and chest pain, connect with your doctor immediately.

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