What you need to know about an ideal meal replacement shake

Meal replacement shakes contain all nutrients found in solid food, but it is not intended to substitute solid food. They are used mainly by people who want to control and measure the number of calories they consume.

One benefit of meal replacement shakes is that it helps to save the time of meal preparation. You can find the replacement shakes in two forms, namely:

  • The ready-to-drink, bottled shakes or
  • The powder supplements are required to be mixed with water and shake.

Unlike protein shakes, the replacement meal offers a wide variety of nutrients essential to the body.

Nutrient to look for in a meal replacement shakes

Getting well-cooked food with a healthy balance of nutrients may prove difficult, if you’re on a tight schedule. Quality meal shakes will provide a good balance of these nutrients essential for the body.

A healthy diet may consist of 20-35 percent fat, 40-65 percent carbs, and 15-25 percent protein. While all these are guidelines, what is essential is that the replacement shake contains all vital nutrients.

Benefits of meal replacement shakes

The real benefit of using meal shakes is to replace junk foods that we may have adopted into our diet. The following are the benefits of the shake:

  1. Nutritious meal: The shake means finding more beneficial ways to consume nutritious foods. It does not mean that we use the shakes to replace healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, but that we use the meal shake to replace junk food. It is not only nutritious but easy to take any time and any place.
  2. Meal replacement instead of dieting means you can easily incorporate it into your diet, unlike traditional dieting methods. Research has shown that people fail to follow dieting routines due to how complicated such a practice is. Shakes simplify weight management by allowing you to consume nutritious drinks for fewer calories.
  3. Measure calories: As stated earlier, it is more accessible to measure calories in the shakes because their calories are predetermined. It means you are more aware of the number of calories you consume and can manage it better.

2. Measures carbs: It also helps to measure the amount of carbs consumed.

About USANA Nutrimeal

USANA Nutrimeal helps its consumer make a better dietary decision that helps maintain their overall well-being.  Nutrimeal comes in three varieties – Dutch chocolate, French vanilla, or Nutrimeal free.

It is packed with fiber and protein that helps to nourish your daily well-being in the following ways:

  • Keep you feeling energized
  • Help control hunger
  • Curbs cravings
  • Support digestive and cardiovascular health
  • It helps maintain muscle mass
  • Support weight-management goals


Nutrimeal is the number #1 meal replacement available in the market today. Its popularity has grown due to its nutritional content and its varieties of the package, ranging from French vanilla, Butch chocolate, and Nutrimeal free.

It is encouraged that you use Nutrimeal to substitute all unhealthy diets that may harm our health in the long run.