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Why You Should Switch to an E-Bike

When it comes to cycling, most people would never consider an electric bike mainly because they have the wrong idea of what an e-bike actually is. There is this incorrect assumption that an e-bike does all the work and that the cyclist just needs to sit there and look pretty. For those who love cycling, the idea of the bike doing all the pedaling makes no sense.

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But that is not what an e-bike is. The folks at Woom tell us that whether you are using a road or e-mountain bike, you still need to do most of the work yourself. That is because an e-bike does not pedal for you but instead provides a bit more power to your legs as you pedal. They make it easier for the cyclist to ride up hills and on rough terrain. What you should also know about e-bikes is that the motor only provides power as you cycle. When you stop cycling, the motor also stops.

So, if you have been on the fence about whether to make the switch to an e-bike, the following should explain why it makes sense.

They Make Cycling More Fun

If you love mountain biking, then using an e-mountain bike can improve the experience. Think about it. You probably already know the toll that mountain biking can take on your energy levels and how you may have had to call it a day before you were ready on past trips. With an e-mountain bike, you will not have to expend so much energy as you cycle uphill, meaning you can enjoy more time racing down them again.

E-Bikes Can Improve Fitness Levels

Far from making you lazy and less active, an e-bike can actually improve fitness levels. Because you still need to put in the effort, you are going to be getting a good cardio workout but you may not feel as though you are putting in as much effort as you did on a standard bike. In fact, according to a study in JMIR Publications, the average heart rate of those using e-mountain bikes was 94% of the average heart rate of those using standard mountain bikes. The difference was that the e-mountain bike users perceived a low exertion rate.

You Can Keep Up with the Crowd

If you are not as proficient as your friends when it comes to cycling and want to be in a position to keep up with them when out on a group cycle, an e-bike could be exactly what you are looking for. Those who are less fit than their peers will not be constantly cycling at the rear with an electric bike. And for families that all have different riding abilities, e-bikes ensure that everyone can keep up.

E-Bikes are Great for Commuting

If you are eager to reduce the amount of time you spend in the car for environmental reasons, then an e-bike is a smart choice. Because of the boost they provide, you can get to and from work without breaking a sweat, meaning you will not arrive looking like a hot mess.


There are many fantastic reasons to make the switch to an e-bike today. These bikes provide a boost to your cycling, allowing you to cycle faster and over rough terrain. Riding up hills is easier with an e-bike but make no mistake, you only get out what you put in, so your fitness levels will stay high. E-bikes are available for the whole family so, you can all enjoy cycles together without one person constantly lagging.

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