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Zooming Insta Pic In Full HD

It is a whole task to know someone on Instagram. Whenever we are interested in any account on Instagram the first thing we look at is their profile picture. But to our disappointment we can just get a look of the profile picture in a small circular thumbnail, nothing more. Instagram restricts you from viewing any profile picture in full zoom this it does to protect the privacy of its users, especially private accounts. But our struggle is real; we all want to see profile pictures of our family, friends and even unknown accounts for various reasons. But the unanswered question is how? This blog helps you come across certain ways to view profile pictures in full zoom.

1. Use the zooming screen option: You all must have heard about the screen zooming option. You can easily pinch into the screen to zoom in. you can easily turn on the screen zooming option from the settings of your phone under the accessibility option. Once turned on, launch Instagram and open the profile of the person. Now you can easily zoom into the screen to get a closer look at the picture.

2. Take a screenshot: You can even consider taking a screenshot of the profile of the person and then zoom in to get a closer look, this you can do if your phone does not have the zooming in feature. It helps you get a closer look at the profile, but this might not necessarily be clear. But you still can get a clear and bigger profile picture than you were getting initially.

3. Use a third-party application: A third-party application to view any profile picture in original size and resolution is an Instagram profile picture viewer. There are many Instagram profile picture apps for this purpose, but the best one that we recommend is Insta Zoom. It is safe and easy to use. All you need to do is open Insta Zoom on a web browser or download the app on any device. Now in the field provided in the app enter the username of this person and press the search button. Insta Zoom opens the profile picture of the person in original size and resolution on your device. You can even download this profile picture to your gallery by simply pressing the download button over the profile picture. Insta Zoom is free to use open software to download profile pictures from Instagram. you can use Instagram on any device and it does not even require login.

4. Use a PC: If you want to get a clear look at the profile picture you need to switch to your PC. On your PC, type in your search engine. Search for the person’s profile on Instagram on your PC. Now right click on the image and choose ‘open the image in the new tab’ option. This opens the profile picture in a new tab in full-size. But the problem is you cannot see the entire image at times. To help out with all these problems of clarity and size you can use a third-party application.

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