3 Solid Sustainable Ways To Go Green

So today we are going to talk about sustainable ways to accessorize your outfits with natural fiber. Since who does not LOVE accessories as much as clothes? Even more than food! So even if you already have a place to wear, or a place to wear that is comfortable, why not skimp on them and instead accessorize with natural fibers? And there are lots of choices when it comes to sustainable fashion for bracelets. We will look at the best bracelet that can be worn for both evening and day.

Mother Nature Handcrafted

First, let’s go over some basic info on green jewellery. One important thing to remember when looking at any type of sustainable fashion is to check out a few sources. I recommend the websites of companies like Mother Nature Handcrafted jewellery and Swarovski. These companies not only sell you beautiful bracelets but they also sell jewellery made from salvaged or recycled materials.


Second, let’s discuss Swarovski. This is another company owned by the world famous Swarovski family that has been around for over a century and is still thriving in this industry today. Not only is their jewellery extremely beautiful and fashionable, but it also helps promote the environment because their crystals are considered biodegradable. They even do recycling and reusing of their jewellery after they buy it.

Acai Berry Natural Organic Berry Wrap

Third, let us review the awesome Acai Berry Natural Organic Berry Wrap bracelet by The Perksons. This bracelet is made from all natural organic berry fibers from Brazil. These berry fibers are then woven together to form a bracelet that has a shiny finish and has “bounce back” qualities. This makes the bracelets incredibly comfortable and since the berries are organic they are also a much healthier alternative to other synthetic materials!

Organic fashion

Finally, we are going to wrap up our discussion of organic fashion. There are so many awesome products to choose from Carus Jewellery, especially when you are wearing organic clothing and accessories. I highly recommend the organic leather sandals by Nativeborn. They have some awesome styles and are very affordable. Check out my resource box below for more information on these great sandals!


Hopefully I’ve shown you how you can make an impact on the environment right away! It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a non-green item of clothing, your jewellery, or even a couple of organic items of clothing, you are making a difference! Green fashion is becoming more popular everyday and it’s a fantastic trend. Our planet needs to hear that voice! Act now and take control!


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