5 Beginner Level C# Projects to Try

Of the top 10 computer languages used around the world, C based languages were in 5th, 7th, and 8th place in 2020! C++ and C# are based on the standard (and simpler) C language, but C# is the most popular of the three!

When learning a computer language, one of the big problems you’ll face is thinking up new projects to try out. After all, how else can you test your skills?

C# projects could range from flappy bird and a car racing game to a Twitter bot or a sales management system. But what about C# project ideas for beginners?

To discover our top 5 ideas for beginners, just keep on reading!

1. Build a Calculator

When it comes to C language project ideas, one of the best places to start is a calculator, including C#. Calculators solve complex problems, but the way they function is incredibly simple. Every button performs a set operation without any room for variance.

2. Build a Currency Converter

The benefit of C# projects for beginners is that they can get slightly more complex while still using similar functions. Once you’ve successfully built a calculator, the next step is a currency converter.

The two designs work in a similar manner, but you need to include inputs for the rate of exchange and a way of differentiating between the various currencies (e.g., buttons or a menu).

A couple of other similar C# project ideas include a volume converter or an imperial-metric converter.

3. Build a PDF File

Popular C programming projects may include a bus reservation system or a diary management system, but what about document creation? Can C# generate PDF documents?

You can make use of C# open source projects, such as PDFSharp, to help you create a build that can open PDF documents from any .NET language. It allows you to download the necessary assemblies, and you can even find tutorials, just in case you begin to struggle.

4. Build a Music Player

Some C language project ideas sound more complex than others. Building a music player may sound like something a little more challenging, but on the surface, it’s not much different from the previous C# projects we’ve mentioned.

Add a media player and some control buttons, input some additional code to make it function, and that’s the gist of creating a music player!

5. Build a Ping Pong Game

Common C projects for beginners include Snake, Pacman, and Quiz games. Some of these are more complex than others, so why not start with your own version of the first game ever created? Pong!

Some of you may find this easier to build than the music player! If you’re familiar with writing code to define the logic of a build and know about customizing controls, then you’re good to go!

Need More C# Projects?

Hopefully, you felt inspired by our top 5 list of C# projects that are perfect for beginners!

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