5 Best Ways to Get More Likes On Instagram

Started a new journey on Instagram but don’t know how to grow?

Don’t worry; GetInsta is here to help you in achieving desired growth on Instagram. The biggest metric on Instagram to measure growth is ‘Likes’ received by the uploaded posts. Whenever a user receives more likes on its Instagram post, there is a huge possibility that his/her post will gain more exposure as well as engagement.

Getting more likes offers several benefits in enhancing your experience over Instagram such as you will receive more free Instagram followers and traffic. No doubt, Likes can work as an important component for your growth over Instagram.

But the question arises – How to get more likes? So, here, in this blog, we are going to discuss 5 different techniques to enhance engagement on Instagram and gain more likes on the posts.

Post Quality Content Consistently

Together with quality content, consistency also plays an important role in enhancing your growth over Instagram and allows you to gain better engagement as well as more likes. We all know Instagram is highly popular because of its visual nature and it’s an ideal platform for photographers, video-creators, and photogenic people.

That’s why, to drive attention and engagement in the form of likes, you need to regularly post quality and appealing content that easily attract viewers and encourage them to react to your post.  You can also use advanced tools, a variety of Instagram fonts, and multimedia software to enhance the quality of your content.

Use Proper Hashtags

Hashtags are considered as the game-changer in the social media world and they arrived as a boom for enhancing the reach of the shared post. With the use of appropriate hashtags, you can allow your post to gain limitless reach. If you want to grow on Instagram then hashtags are the best choice that helps you in gaining quick growth.

Instagram allows you to add a maximum of 30 hashtags with a post which is more than enough to provide the best result. But, make sure, you are using appropriate hashtags keeping your targeting audience in mind. The use of trending hashtags will help you in gaining more likes and comments.

Reshare the Post on Other Networks

 No doubt, together with Instagram, you are also using different social media platforms likes Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Then, why not use the audience of other social media platforms in boosting your growth on Instagram? That’s why it is advisable to reshare your post of Instagram on other social media platforms to bring that audience and gain massive engagement on Instagram. Cross-sharing will allow you to gain more likes on Instagram.

Instagram offers you an opportunity to automatically share the published posts on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. You can use this effective strategy to gain free Instagram likes with a better engagement rate.

Influencer Marketing

It is one of the most trending techniques of enhancing the growth on Instagram and is highly popular among new users as well as brands to gain quick engagement. This emerging technique offers a great opportunity for users, brands, and businesses to boost their growth on Instagram. There is no other better and effective option for enhancing your brand awareness and a gain quick result.

You just need to collaborate with the right influencer and it becomes a cakewalk for you to boost your engagement quickly on Instagram. Now, Instagram also started Brand Collabs Manager Feature to quickly accelerate your account growth through influencers.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Running contests and giveaways are the best way to gain more likes on your posts and as we all know, everyone loves to participate in the contest where they will get anything in return. You can run ‘Like-to-Win’ contests and also use the giveaway technique to encourage users to associate with your profile.

This will result in huge engagement on your account and also helps you in getting free Instagram likes. You can ask people to take participate in the contest or giveaway by liking, commenting, and sharing your post which results in immense engagement.

Wrap Up

No doubt, everyone wants to grow on Instagram and you can start your journey to success by using the above-discussed strategy. Getting higher engagement is not far away, just implement our strategies and watch your immense growth on Instagram.

To develop a winning strategy to keep you ahead of the competition on Instagram, you can reach GetInsta at any time.