5 Reasons Why Solar Power is Worth the High Installation Cost

We are living in an era where sustainable living is the main motto. You must be well aware of the various renewable energy sources that one can avail to power up their homes and offices. Among them, solar power is the easiest to harness at an individual level.

The rising demand for solar power in Townsville and other regions of Australia that have been witnessing of late is satisfied by established and up-and-coming solar energy services companies.

Australia is a suitable region for optimally harnessing solar energy since it receives 58 million PJ of solar radiation on average, which is around 10,000 times its actual energy consumption. The relatively high installation charges associated with solar cells or panels might deter you from going down that alley.

Several reasons outweigh this singular deterrent; here is a look at some of them.

1. Environmental Benefits

A solar power system provides clean and sustainable energy for your home once they have been installed. A 6.6kW solar system will mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by more than 250 tonnes throughout its lifespan.

Solar panels prevent air pollution since they do not emit any pollutants during solar energy production.

2. Low-Cost Maintenance

Solar power systems as a whole don’t require a lot of maintenance. You need only to clean regularly- twice a year would suffice. After the initial installation cost of the solar system is covered, you can expect to pay very little on maintenance and repairs.

A yearly inspection by a certified inspector would cost you around $150 on average for solar power in Townsville and other Australian regions.

3. Reduce Energy Expenses

You can lower the quantity of energy you need to purchase from your retailer by hooking up to a solar system. This is the main advantage of solar power, as you can usually cut the amount of electricity used by up to 50% or even 100% with a battery.

You can also participate in a ‘feed-in tariff,’ allowing you to become a net exporter of excess electricity.

You get this payment from the grid in exchange for any excess clean energy generated by your solar panels.

4. Generous Government Grants

Small-scale Technology Certificates are financial incentives provided by the Australian government to residential householders who invest in a solar system (STCs).

STCs come under the Australian government’s Renewable Energy Target, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the electrical sector while also encouraging the use of sustainable and renewable energy sources.

All solar-powered units under 100 kW are eligible for STCs, which should cover the majority of residential users.

5. Elevates Your Real Estate Valuation

Solar power systems might boost your home’s value. Most Australians harbour the conviction that solar panels increase the value of a home.

According to polls and estimates, a 5kW solar panel installation may add roughly $29,000 to the value of a home, which proves it to be an excellent investment.

Solar power brings about betterments in your lifestyle in more than just one way. It is accessible on the purse strings, elevates your daily lifestyle by making it clean and green, and helps you contribute better to society.

So buy your set of panels today and upgrade to a sustainable lifestyle!