7 Things to Consider When Buying a Used Motor Car

In the market for a used motor car? A used car is a great option when you are looking to change your vehicle as it is such a large marketplace, which means that it is not usually too challenging to find a used vehicle that ticks all the boxes and is within your budget.

The used car market can also be a daunting place and you hear of many horror stories of scams and unsafe vehicles. Additionally, for new drivers, it can be hard to know how to buy a used car if you have not purchased one before. There are seven key considerations when buying a used car that will help you to navigate the market, find the right car and get a great deal.

Keep reading for all that you need to know when looking to buy a used motor car.

1. Your Budget

Before you start searching and fall in love with a car, you need to establish your budget. Keep in mind that it is not just the price tag that you will need to cover as you will also have to factor in the insurance, tax, fuel and maintenance costs.

When buying a used car, you can often make the cost easier to manage by arranging a finance deal so that you can spread the payments over an agreed term. Additionally, you may be able to offset the price of a used vehicle with a part-exchange deal with your current car. This also makes it quick and easy to get rid of your car and not have to worry about finding a buyer.

2. Your Requirements

Next, you will need to consider what your requirements are for the used vehicle. You might like the idea of a flash sports car, but this will not be much good if you have kids and a pet. You need to establish what your needs are from the vehicle, which will then help you to identify what category of car is best for your needs. A few key considerations include:

  • How many people do you need to take?
  • What are your storage requirements?
  • What kind of trips will you be making?
  • What types of roads will you be driving on?
  • Where will you be parking?

Once you have worked this out, you can then start to research different models within this category to find out a few models to search for in the used car market.

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3. Car Reputation

Once you have identified a few suitable models, it is then important to spend time researching them online. The internet is a superb resource when it comes to buying used motor cars as you can find detailed reviews from industry experts online as well as from previous/current owners.

If in doubt, you should always go with a car brand that has a strong reputation and is known for producing reliable, high-quality cars, such as Chevrolet.

4. Dealership Reputation

When buying used cars, you should always buy from a reliable used car dealership like Gatesauto.com. It can be tempting to go with a private seller, but this can be dangerous as scams are common and you could be ripped off and/or buy an unsafe or even illegal car.

When you buy from a reliable dealership, you will benefit from consumer protection, a wide selection of cars, helpful staff and financing options. Additionally, dealerships will always have tests in place to ensure that their stock is safe, legal and reliable.

5. Pre-purchase Inspection

For many people, the pre-purchase inspection is what causes the most stress when buying a used motor car. Instead of just kicking the tyres and examining the bodywork, you can find detailed guides and checklists online that will show you how to give a car a thorough inspection. It is also helpful to bring someone else along for a second opinion and to get a mechanic’s assessment.

In addition to inspecting the vehicle, you also need to take it for a test drive. Again, there are helpful guides online that will teach you all that you need to know to do this properly.

6. Vehicle History Report

Checking over a used car is important, but it will not tell you much about the vehicle’s past. The car could have a serious issue from its past that might not have been picked up on, such as outstanding finance on the vehicle or significant previous damage.

This is why you should always get a vehicle history report even if purchasing from a reliable used car dealership. This report will tell you all that you need to know to make an informed decision, including the number of previous owners, odometer readings, repairs and service records.

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7. Insurance and Warranty

Finally, you will need to have insurance in place before you close the deal. You will want to give yourself plenty of time to research your options, so it is important to start shopping for the right insurance policy as early as possible. The car that you buy will impact how much you pay, so keep this in mind when browsing the used car market.

In addition to insurance, you should make sure that you are covered by a warranty. If the original manufacturer warranty has expired, it is worth taking out an extended warranty. This will provide financial protection in the event of a breakdown, which could save you a significant amount down the line. A warranty will also help to provide peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

Find the Perfect Used Motor Car With These Seven Considerations

These seven considerations should help you to find a used motor car that ticks all of the boxes and is within your budget. The used car market can be a great place to buy a vehicle, but it can also be daunting and you need to take your time to find the right car for your needs.

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