Arranged marriages conducted easily compared to love marriages in India

The young generation in India is going for arranged marriage rather than love marriage these days, as per the statistics of different Punjabi matrimonial sitesinside of Indian parents now youth are approaching them for potential profiles. Arranged marriage is easier to conduct for parents as well as for children. Some of the reasons why children wanted to go with their parents are choice and shifting towards arranged marriage:

  1. Parents know better: right from the beginning of life, our parents decide everything for us but with an increase in age, we started decreasing the importance of our parents in our life. Girls and boys feel more confident if they marry the one chosen by their family.
  2. More to explore after marriage: arranged marriages are also interesting since you are curious to know everything about your spouse. No matter how you know, each other but there are still something that is waiting to give you a surprise. As the couple is new to each other and may belong from the opposite background then they are excited to know each other’s culture, traditions, etc.
  3. Second options: sometimes life gives you a second chance, arrange marriage is the best option during divorced or widow second marriages many marriage bureaus have numerous potential profiles. Life does not end where we want it to end but we have to live until life wants us to live.
  4. Heartbroken or dumped: no one is as important as your parents in your life are; coming from a bad relationship does not mean it is an end of life. There are still many people who are ready to give love and support to you till death. Sometimes due to bad relationships, men and women lose hope and taken way of depression, which is not correct. As parents, it is your duty to understand your child and allow them to slowly settle down in life for any new relationship. Many people in India consider arranging a marriage as the best option to overcome heartbreak since it is not easy to share such things with parents in India.
  5. Having someone like you is good: your parents always focus to match the traditions, culture before initiating any proposal. Therefore, that it is easy for their children to gel up with the new family. Especially for girls as they have to shift completely to a new family. In a love marriage, you know your partner but you might end up having differences due to mismatching the traditions and cultures.
  6. Mutual respect: this is the same in both loves and arranged marriage. The difference is that in arranging marriages people are more conscious since the families are involved in their relationship. There is more sense of responsibility and commitment towards each other and families.
  7. Parents consent: in a love marriage sometimes it’s hard to convince parents of your choice but in an arranged marriage, there are no such chances.