Beat the Body Odour Sustainably with Natural Deodorants

With the personal hygiene and beauty industry coming at an astonishing rate, Australia saw retail value sales spike to 9.87 billion AUD in 2019. Reports show that buyers these days are very cautious about their choice of body care products. 37% of Australian women intend to purchase products that are all-natural and green.

Antiperspirants and natural deodorants like roll-on, sticks, sprays, gel and solids are some of the most popularly used products, and the sales are reported to grow 12% in the next four years. Finding the right natural deodorant in Australia can be a hassle if one does not know what to look for.

What Constitutes Natural Deodorants?

A typical chemically produced deodorant has various ingredients like phthalates, parabens, hormone disruptors, aluminium, fragrance and other chemicals to provide the moisture-wicking effect over the body.

As opposed to these synthetically produced antiperspirants, natural deodorants are chemical-free. They instead have natural ingredients to absorb the sweat. They use essential oils and naturally occurring aromatic ingredients to add fragrance. However, even though these deodorants are mostly chemical-free, one must check all the constituents for allergens if they have specific restrictions.

How Are They Better for the Body?

●     Trust The Ingredients to be Natural

Sustainable or natural deodorants use ingredients like baking soda, arrowroot powder, cocoa butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, shea butter, minerals, hazel, rosemary, lemongrass and vitamin E to remove the sweat and create an airy experience during hot weather. These natural ingredients are effective, light, safe and pleasant for the body.

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●     Forget About Leaving Stains on the Outfits

There is nothing worse than getting ready with a great-looking dress for a night out just to discover a stain from sweat and deodorant residue. These stains are glaring and off-putting with yellow and white marks. They are usually caused by the aluminium present in synthetic deodorants. But with a natural deodorant, one need not worry about these marks as these pit stains easily wash out.

●     Experience Improved Skin Health

People who have sensitive skin, prone to allergy and rashes benefit immensely from natural deodorants. They are safe due to their integral components being free from artificial elements and allergens. Also, the plant-based components and essential oils nourish the skin and retain its smoothness despite continuous use.

●     Live Sustainably and Cruelty-free

Canned artificial deodorants are not good for the environment. Most of them contain mineral oils that emit harmful pollutants and carbon into the surroundings. Spray bottles contain volatile compounds that harm people when they breathe them in. They also have antifungal agents that have a significant effect on aquatic life and the waterways. The tin and plastic cans that they come in are non-recyclable.

Natural deodorants available in Australia are entirely plastic and chemical-free, meaning that they would not contribute to the earth’s pollution. Most of these natural deodorants are also not tested on animals making them cruelty-free.

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Tips to Find the Right Natural Deodorant

  1. Look for products that contain 100% natural ingredients like Firstray deos.
  2. Check for plant-based active ingredients included to protect the odour
  3. Verify if they are aluminium-free, toxin and chemical-free
  4. Read from trusted online sites and critical reviews from experts and users
  5. Aim for a baking-soda-free product for sensitive skin

Deodorants are some of the most toxic chemical products that are known to harm the body. The good news about the best organic or natural deodorant in Australia is to avoid these dangerous ingredients and still enjoy a sweat-free time with confidence.

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