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Benefits of considering an education consultant for overseas studies

For a student, pursuing higher education at a foreign college or university gives the exposure required for a successful career abroad. One has to go through various stages to sufficiently prepare for their study abroad journey.

One of the most effective ways to deal with the tasks associated with preparing for studying abroad is to seek the expert help of an education consultant. Study abroad consultants are experienced professionals efficient at guiding candidates throughout the process.

Abroad education consultants play a vital role in helping students to secure admission to the desired institution smoothly by being a guide to the students.

Here are some of the top advantages of approaching an abroad education counsellor for advice on study abroad requirements.

Expert career counselling

With a study abroad consultant, students can receive excellent career counselling that would help them to take crucial academic decisions. An abroad education counsellor will consider one’s areas of interest, talents, capabilities and qualifications to find out the most suitable study abroad programs and institutions.

Moreover, they will also keep track of the student’s preferred colleges and universities. Counsellors often have access to international institutions and can therefore provide up-to-date and essential information.

Most abroad education consultants also provide useful guidance to help students secure higher score bands in language proficiency tests. Higher scores in language tests would enable students to secure admission in better programs and institutions. In a nutshell, study abroad counsellors will offer every necessary counselling to let students improve their career prospects.

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Smooth application process

Study abroad consultants will oversee the entire application process to make sure students do not face any obstacles in securing admission in their desired institutions. The admission application procedure varies from one university to another. These professionals guide the students to draft a proper application, which significantly improves the chances of acceptance.

In addition, abroad education consultants keep track of the application status and provide necessary updates about the progress of the application.

Statement of purpose or SoP is an important component of a foreign university application. Study abroad guides help to draft an appealing SoP that makes the application stand out and increases the chances of admission. With their network, they would bridge the gap between the universities and the candidates and thereby fast track the admission process.

Hassle-free visa approval

Each country comes with its own set of visa regulations and guidelines. Securing a foreign visa can be a challenge, as discrepancies in the application process can lead to visa rejection.

Abroad education experts are well-versed with visa regulations of different countries and help students to prepare all the required documents for a successful visa application.

In addition, they will conduct mock interviews to ensure candidates can face visa interviews confidently. Study abroad counsellors will make use of their vast network and experience to connect students with the right channels so that candidates can enjoy a seamless visa approval process.

Transparency in decision making

Abroad education counsellors act as advisers for the entire study abroad process. They use their experience, thereby enabling aspiring candidates to make well-informed and thoroughly researched career decisions.  They work to provide customised solutions to each candidate as per their requirements, budgets, abilities and aspirations.

Financial guidance and budget management 

A study abroad plan requires provision for expenses, which include tuition fees, cost of accommodation, travel fare and other associated costs. An abroad education expert will chalk out a suitable financial plan to help students fund their study abroad dream comfortably.

They will help candidates secure scholarships or educational loans that would help in financing an international study program. Moreover, abroad education counsellors will provide necessary estimates of travel expenses, accommodation, and living costs along with miscellaneous expenses.

Notably, various universities provide different part-time jobs and assistantship programs within the campus. Study abroad consultants will list out such universities as per one’s preferences.

Faster response from institutions

International institutions usually tend to receive numerous applications all across the globe for different courses and programs. It is a challenge for these institutions to process all the applications promptly and select the most suitable candidates.

An abroad education expert makes it easier for students to receive quick responses. This makes the entire process faster, simpler and hassle-free.

Assistance throughout the study period

Students can expect to receive continued assistance and support even after successfully moving abroad. They can seek a counsellor’s help to resolve any kind of issues that they might face in a foreign country.

A study abroad consultant will provide crucial tips and strategies to find affordable accommodation, build a social circle or find a suitable part-time job. Moreover, they help students in getting familiar with the culture and environment of the new country.

Thus, abroad education consultants provide all-around assistance throughout the course period to ensure students enjoy a convenient study abroad journey.

Assistance in finding employment opportunities abroad

Most students usually tend to stay back in countries after completion of their courses. Certain countries allow international students to seek employment after they are done with their studies.

Among various responsibilities, a study abroad counsellor also introduces students to profitable employment prospects based on the individual visa types.

Consulting a professional study abroad counsellor significantly increases the chance of university admission. In addition, the expertise and experience of a consultant help in expediting all the processes involved.  Study abroad consultants will make sure that candidates do not face any inconvenience during their journey.

Moving to a new country can be daunting. But, the process becomes significantly simple with the help of a professional counsellor.

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