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Benefits of safety shoes in diverse working environments

A safety shoes is one specifically designed to protect feet of employees working in varied risky environments’. This includes: {but not limited to} construction sites; laborers working in extreme weather conditions; or industries using corrosive chemicals.

With the expansion of Industrialization globally governments worldwide have enacted laws and regulations aimed at protecting employees working in risky environments’. One common requirement is ensuring employees wear customized safey footwear to protect their feet.

Deliberate efforts and incentives the Kenyan government has initiated aimed at boosting the manufacturing sector; has led to gradual proliferation of industries across the country. Coupled with the already booming real estate business in Kenya; one of the considerations employers {in these fields] have to contend with is the safety of their workforce.

The feet are the single most crucial aspect aiding mobility – of staff – within any work place. Hence theyrequire utmost protection from injury. Hereunder are some major benefits, safety shoes offer to workers operating in risky areas:

Preventing slips and falls

Employees working on slippery floors or using ladders in executing their daily tasks are exposed to potential hazardous slips and falls. However those wearing appropriate protective footwearfitted with proper sole traction, have minimal chances of slipping on the floor or slipping and falling while using a ladder.

Minimize fatigue

Working in areas where one is required to continually stand for a prolonged period may easily leads to chronic back pain and aching foot muscles.  Such a scenario leads to reduced productivity due to cumulative fatigue. However employers who ensure their employees wear comfortablesafety shoes. Lined with appropriate comfortable insoles are assured of happy, alert, anda productiveworkforce.

Protection from burns

Most manufactures of Safety shoes Kenya and other renowned international firms always design their protective footwear products in such a way that the wearer is protected from burns among other hazards.

This is in cognizant of the fact that most if not all industries use some form of corrosive chemical including acid which can cause fatal burns if accidentally splashed on workers feet. Other insidious corrosive material e.g. cement have long term negative effects if let to come into contact with workers feet. Thus well-customized safety shoes go a long way in avoiding the ramifications of such occurrences.

Keeping feet warm in harsh weather conditions

Conditions like hypothermia and poor blood circulation are caused by extreme weather conditions. To safeguard the health of staff working in extremely cold weather or refrigerated rooms: Employers must ensure their staff wears not only safety shoes but also such shoes should be comfortable and warm.

Safeguards against electric shock

Electricity is the major source of power in almost 95% of industries in Kenya. Possibilities of workers coming into contact with naked electric cables are high. To ensure workers are continually shielded from electrocution: most if not all safety shoes are normally designed in such a way that the outer parts do not conductor electricity.  Thisavoids electrocutingstaffthatmay step on live cables accidentally.


Due to the invaluable benefits of safety shoes in all risky working environments’, it should be as a basic necessity to ensure employees working in such places are adequately provided with proper safety footwear or work boots to reap all its benefit and increase productivity.

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