Education or personal development? 

Many people are always debating which comes first – education or personal development. Many students and students-to-be wonder if they should focus on learning new things and improving their knowledge or building themselves into better human beings. There is no right answer to this question, nor is there a way to tell you which one leads to success more often. What we do know, though, is that each individual learns at different rates due to genetics and environmental influences. You might learn quickly and easily, while others might have a tougher time doing so because it feels unnatural for them in the beginning stages of learning anything new.

What does The People Think About Education or personal development?

online courses platform is all about developing awareness of the world around you and reinforcing information you have acquired to remember it later. Education can sometimes come from personal development, but sometimes it comes from a teacher who introduces the material to you and teaches you things in a way that sticks with you. Personal development, however, is about strengthening your mindset for success by teaching you things such as the beauty of abstract thinking or how to achieve happiness. 

Here are several different ways that education and personal development differ from one another:

  • -Education usually takes place within a classroom or on campus with a professor at the head of it all. In contrast, personal development can occur anywhere as long as it involves an exchange between two dedicated people to their growth.
  • -Education usually comes in the form of a textbook or an easy-to-understand curriculum. At the same time, personal development takes place through workshops and other similar settings that have a personal touch rather than a typical materialistic text.
  • -Education can lead to personal development, but personal development is not always the result of education. You can acquire knowledge and never really improve your mindset for success as a person.
  • -Unlike education, which usually takes place in a classroom or at home on your own time, personal development usually occurs during workshops and seminars that are often scheduled during a weekend or on the weekends.
  • -Education is more of a theoretical thing, whereas personal development, based on teachings, can be applied in the classroom setting.
  • -Education is taught by an authority figure and an assistant or assistant dean, whereas personal development can be taught by anyone who knows what they’re talking about. For example, if you were to learn through a CD or book that someone wrote who also happens to give workshops or seminars related to their CD or book, you are learning through the author himself.
  • -Education usually leads to maturity, whereas personal development can lead to maturity or immaturity. For example, if you were a perfect student who always followed the rules and never tried to break free of the mold that education placed you in, you would be considered mature. If, however, you felt restricted by rules and did not want anything to do with the system of education, then you might be considered immature.
  • -Personal development is mainly concerned with the self, while education is mainly concerned with society and the world around us. Depending on the nature of personal development, education can also benefit you. For example, if you learn that it is rude to interrupt someone eating cookies and ice cream at a dinner party because it upsets them and makes them uncomfortable, that knowledge will help you be more polite. On the other hand, if you were learning about nutrition or proper hygiene habits, then personal development would not be directly beneficial to your health or hygiene habits.
  • -Personal development usually leads to a better understanding of yourself, whereas education usually leads to understanding another person, like a teacher or professor.
  • -Often, those who have a passion for education write books on their book with their subject matter in mind rather than delivering their teachings in an educational setting.

In conclusion:

Personal development has many aspects that are not related to comprehensive education. Education is more relaxed and more structured, whereas personal development is more at the moment and less planned out. However, there are ways in which both of these things can work together to create a strong foundation & selling courses for your future career and your future life as an adult. For example, if you were to take a class on management and leadership, you would be learning about creating strategies for success and taking part in group activities with other students who will help build your social awareness. Then you might join the swim team or recreational basketball team to develop your physical capabilities.