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A circular saw is a type of power saw which uses a serrated blade to tear different materials through a rotary spinning motion around a mandrel.

Purchasing a circular saw when in need holds more factors at constant hence the need for articles with peak information about circular saws such as this one. This article focuses on factors that one should put into consideration before purchasing a circular saw.

There are a lot of factors to consider before minding the actual price of a circular saw; you might pay a higher price during usage than the one you bought it with. The most important factors to consider before purchasing it are discussed below.

The type of metal you are cutting

If we are talking about aluminum then you ought to have a high-speed circular saw-like 3000rpm because slower saws are used to cut stainless and mild steel which comes to about 90rpm and 45rpm. Most high-speed saws are used for cutting aluminum solely and lately, some have been adjusted with 2 or 3-speed settings making them suitable for a wide range of cutting usually mild steel and stainless.

Selecting the right blade is a must

A wrong blade might cause unexpected injuries hence ensuring you have the right blade is a top niche priority. There are two main types of blades which include high-speed steel and titanium carbonitride. High-speed steel blades cut mild steel mostly and are low cost. They also tend to go blunt faster when used with stainless. Titanium carbonitride blades are twice the cost of high-speed blades but the advantage is they tend to last longer.

Quality of cut sought through

Having the right blade and standard adjustable settings, perfect edge straight cuts are yielded especially when cutting thin surfaces. Mostly circular saws are used in window manufacturing and balustrade industries where square cuts are priorities and secondary processing is minimal.

Saw price

Amongst the prioritized considerations this is the top determinant because despite all the factors considered one has to buy a saw that is within the range of his or her budget. One can’t consider all the above factors and get a jump on this cause actually that pretty circular saw ain’t going to be bought. Considering all the benefits that it comes with circular saw price in Kenya, its worth every purchase.


The type of shapeone is making determines the machine power needed. Different machine power is acutely demanded when one  intends to make different shapes.


Non-ferrous materials require special machine cutting such as copper and aluminum while ferrous materials can be cut by ordinary machines cutter.

Saw blade

High quality saw blades reduces maintenance costs since they last longer increasing its workability and efficiency. A high quality blade also boosts the production rate when working with high volumes which in turn yields high goods.


Various considerations have been put across when reading the article and henceit is of great importance when dealing with circular saw blades. It is important however to always do a proper market search before making the decision to make a purchase.

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