Heavy Duty Seat Covers by Saddleman

Saddleman heavy duty seat covers are explicitly designed to protect your vehicle’s seats, especially when it’s frequently used. More so, truck owners tend to expose their seats to detrimental elements including dirt and mud on prolonged use. Moreover, if you own pets, chances are that they shed their furs and gnaw and bite at the seats. If this is the case, then installing a set of heavy-duty seat covers is without question.

However, it is never an easy task to find a suitable fabric. Fortunately, in continuation with the Saddleman line of heavy-duty fabrics, we have two new additions, heavy-duty Leatherette seat covers and heavy-duty camo seat covers. Both of these can be custom built and installed to your vehicle specifications.

Benefits of Heavy-Duty Seat Covers

Before we can delve deeper into either, we must first understand why we need heavy-duty original upholstery protection. Dirt, mud and grime, are not only ugly but also capable of permanently staining seats. Moreover, they may possess a nauseating odour, especially if it was dragged from unsanitary environments. As much as this is unavoidable, you can prevent it altogether with sturdy seat covers which can easily be washed.

Not forgetting pets, who don’t quite possibly understand the need to preserve a vehicle’s interior, will just go on a rampage. They may scratch with their claws, bite at the seats, or even get their drool all over. Sometimes, they may even shed on them or when sick, vomit or diarrhoea. Now, some of these scenarios are unforeseen, but with seat covers, any form of accident can be actively countered.

Now without much further ado, let us continue with our list of heavy-duty seat covers, shall we?

  • Leatherette Seat Covers

A synthetic plastic-based fabric made of vinyl is often made to mimic the unique qualities of leather. Since it is plastic-based, it is non-porous conferring excellent protection against spills. Moreover, it is easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth or tumble dry. Heavy-duty leatherette seat covers are sturdy against pet claws and do not stick fur. If you are seeking luxury but do not want to compromise on price, then leatherette is the ideal fabric for you.

Unfortunately, the non-porous nature of leatherette makes it unbreathable. During the hot summers, these seat covers tend to get sticky when you sweat.

  • Camouflage Seat Covers

Camouflage is usually a choice delight with truck owners who love the outdoors and are adventurous. If you’re one of them, then spare no effort in choosing a set of heavy-duty camo seat covers. Camouflage can be customized to any pattern and colours you want and fortunately, Saddleman is all about customizing seat covers. A set of custom camo seat covers will provide that refreshing look to your vehicle’s interior and add a dash of serene outdoors to it.

Heavy-duty camo seat covers are 100% waterproof, and this moisture resistance is ideal for preventing mildew growth. Moreover, it doesn’t allow stains of any kind to set in as the material itself is not absorbent. It is easy to clean and can be hand washed or machine washed. They are also UV resistant, protecting your car seats against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Which Enticed You the Most?

The aforementioned heavy-duty seat cover fabrics confer different degrees of protection. Moreover, Saddleman customisation makes it possible to have a reflection of your lifestyle and personality onto your interior. Interior upholstery protection is necessary to lower the risk of potential damage to your seats all the while boosting your vehicle’s resale value. Installing heavy-duty seat covers is simple and whatever fabric you choose; it’ll be great value for your money.