How to Choose the Best Exhaust System for Your Vehicle

Are you interested in upgrading your vehicle’s exhaust with an aftermarket system? If so, you may notice there are a lot of options available.

While this is true, some tips and guidelines can help you find the best exhaust system for your vehicle. Keep reading to learn what those guidelines are.

Choose the Material

Exhaust systems made of steel, both aluminized or mild, are easy to work with, affordable (compared to stainless steel), and lightweight.

Mild steel systems are the most affordable, but these are more prone to corrosion and rust than stainless steel. The aluminized steel systems cost more but have a unique coating that helps them last longer than the mild steel options.

While stainless steel exhaust systems, like the Borla Exhaust, offer superior rust resistance, they are more difficult to weld or bond.

The two most popular options made of this material include 409 and 304 stainless steel.

The 304 stainless steel exhaust systems are most rust-resistant, but they cost more. On the other hand, 409 stainless is used for factor exhausts and can accumulate surface rust as time passes.

Mandrel Bends vs. Crush Bends

You may wonder what makes these aftermarket exhaust systems the most popular performance upgrades. Like aftermarket headers, a performance exhaust system is built differently than the stock options.

That helps reduce any power-robbing restrictions, free up more horsepower, and promote exhaust scavenging.

One of the differences between aftermarket and stock exhausts is the pipe diameters. Diameter sizes for aftermarket systems vary based on the application.

While this is true, they typically have a larger diameter than stock systems. The proper diameter size depends on factors like application, RPM, and engine size.

Another difference is the pipe bends. Usually, stock exhaust pipes are created through crush bending. While this is a fast and easy technique, it may also lead to issues with performance.

Aftermarket systems are designed to eliminate this type of restriction by using a process called mandrel bending. With this, a flexible rod is inserted into the pipe. As the pipe is bent, the rod keeps the walls from kinking or collapsing.

Single- or Dual-Exhaust Systems

You must also choose the exhaust system configuration. The most popular options include dual exit, dual crossover, dual, and single. Each of these offers unique benefits, and you will have to figure out what you want for your vehicle to choose the right configuration.

Now You Know How to Choose the Best Exhaust System

If you are interested in choosing the best exhaust system for your vehicle, keep the tips and information above in mind. This information is going to help you find the right system for your needs.

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