how to crack JEE: smart tips

JEE stands for Joint Entrance Exam. JEE Main is a nationwide examination for students around the country irrespective of their board or language. Students who would like to take admission to top engineering government and private colleges have to participate in this exam, and have to fit the NTA JEE Main Eligibility Criteria for admission. Students that aim to JEE advanced or IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) colleges also need to clear JEE Main exam. JEE Main and Advanced questions are most critical and tricky. To get some idea, go through this previous year’s question papers.

Every year almost 14 lakhs students participate in this exam, and only a few thousand of them can get a decent college. Since there is a huge competition for every seat, students raise many questions concerning preparation for this exam.

Few questions like how to start preparing for this exam? What are some resources that they might require? How can students make sure they are ready to crack this exam? How to create a proper strategy? 

These are only some questions, and there could be many others. All these questions are crucial to start preparing for this exam and to crack it. Here in this article, all these questions and some other students’ common doubts are covered. If Students follow all these tips, then they can increase their chances to clear this exam.

Get Familiar With Exam And Its Syllabus: 

Students need to spend some time familiarizing themselves with the exam pattern. Basic things like the number of questions in the exam, the marking scheme in the question paper, getting used to the OMR sheet (it could be overwhelming for students who deal with them for the first time), etc. These all are basic but critical.

Students need to spend their time taking a complete picture of the syllabus. Students also need to trace out the topics with which they feel comfortable and on what topics, they need to spend the majority of the time. The same goes for individual subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Because every student has their preferences and weaknesses related to subjects.

Students need to consider the learning style of these subjects because one subject might need more time to practice questions than revision.

How To Practice:

Practice questions are an integral part of this preparation journey. It is crucial to practice in a way that adds value to students’ learning. Students need to understand the pattern of questions or the type of questions that usually appear in the exam. For those students, take reference from the previous year’s question papers.

Students need to assess their knowledge regularly, and they might quantify topics with the number of questions that appear from that topic. 

Students can also sign up for some test series or might solve mock test papers regularly with all exam restrictions included like time, complete in one go, without disturbance, etc.

Students must focus on the mistakes that they generally made while practicing questions because it is human nature to repeat their mistakes. The worst place to repeat those mistakes is in the final exam.


Students put great effort while preparing for this exam, but many times they break that rhythm and lose track. The reason for this could be anything like some distraction, influence of some people or activity, etc.

Students need to understand that this exam is not to test their conceptual knowledge only, but this exam tests students based on their focus, patience, performance under pressure, time limitation, etc.

Students need to understand that small breaks are good and must be included in their learning schedule. It helps to increase their productivity and impact. Students must allot decent time to studies regularly.

Students need to cherish their efforts and give rewards to themselves in any way possible. It is still an effective way.

Time Management

It is the single most integral skill every student must possess, and the best part about this is that students can learn this skill. Because learning this skill is not hard, but executing it. 

Students need to manage their time efficiently at every moment of this preparation journey. When they prepare their strategy, learn concepts, practice questions, and especially in the exam. 

It is not beneficial for students to allot a broad duration for studying, because the brain is actively performing only for a few hours.

Students must focus on targets rather than study hours. Students need to decide their targets and try to achieve them regularly.

It helps students in their final exam as well because most students start panicking in the exam.

Deal Smartly With Questions:

Students need to understand that not every question is to check their knowledge. There are some questions that they can solve by logic. Some questions could be solved by using their options called the trial and error method. 

Students also face this question, where every option is similar, but their unit or dimension is different. Students need to take care of such things while solving questions.

Another issue is exceptions, especially to Chemistry subjects. Students’ major concern is how to remember these? It is an exception, and there are no tips for that.

Don’t come to conclusions quickly. Students need to read every question with focus and patience, even if that question seems familiar. Because maybe there is some change in values or something. (it cost 10 seconds to read that question and 10 sec for 4 marks is not a bad deal)

Need To Balance

Students need to take care of their health, and health means both mental and physical. Because many students even stay outside for preparation, so they need to be extra cautious.

Students need to add some fun activities to their schedule as well. It helps students to stay fresh, energetic, and focused.

It would be helpful if students employed some physical activity because they spend most of their rigid positions.


Students need to understand that it is more about preparation than the exam. Because that exam only shows the result of their preparation. So, students stay positive, motivated, and get ready to beat this exam.