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How to Give Effective Feedback to Students?

Feedback plays an essential role in increasing engagement in classes. It is a type of advice, the suggestion by the students for improvement in classes. It helps the teacher to introduce more creative ways in online classes to increase engagement. In contrast, the teacher’s feedback helps the students work on their weaker section and boost their scores.

The process of giving feedback need to be transparent and to the point. However, it might sound easy, but most teachers find it challenging to come with the most convenient way to express their views. Effective feedback helps students to know about their strengths and weakness. It will boost the academic score and achievements of children. Here we are giving few important tips that can help you to give effective feedback to students:

Provide Equal Opportunity and Respectful Environment for Students

The teacher must respect their students irrespective of their caste, class, race, and economic conditions. You don’t ignore the weak students and keep your eye on students who are good in academics. While giving the feedback, please be ensure that it doesn’t negatively impact students or offend them.

Be Quick with Feedback Process during Learning

It is advisable to give quick feedback about the learning process to students. Why is it necessary to give instant feedback? Instant feedback helps you to assist students instantly. In case of a longer waiting period, you might forget some necessary details. Moreover, it will be hard for students to recall the actual incident and relate it. So you give feedback in the same moment in which you observe the mistakes.

Don’t Give Your Feedback from Evaluation Point Only

It is advisable to make your feedback descriptive rather than only evaluating it. You must ensure that you are given a clear explanation about what they do wrong or right. It is one of the most effective ways to make feedback worthwhile. It would be best if you help them to analyze their performance instead of giving relatable situations or examples.

Be Sensible While Giving Feedback: Know the Need of Each Student

There is a variation of students in different classes. A teacher must understand that every student has different kinds of mindsets. Each student understands the concepts at a different pace. Teachers must pay attention to the point that every student grasps the concept at a different pace.

Please! Maintain a balance with your words. Your words need to motivate the students. You must give separate feedback and attention to each student. Your comments need to boost student performance. Make sure you don’t hurt individual feelings while giving feedback.

Emphasize the Points that Need Improvement

The teacher must emphasize the points that students need to improve. Like if someone is weak in geometry, you can suggest they practice more at home. It will help them to improve their weak points.

This point will show a gradual improvement in student performance. Students can revise the recorded lectures from the app for online teaching to understand the concept more precisely. This method helps in improving student performance without putting any burden on their shoulders.

Don’t Postpone Feedback Session

Teachers need to be consistent with their feedback sessions. You must not postpone the feedback session even if you are running out of time. It will grow the engagement in classes, and students can share the problem they are facing with you easily.


These are few helpful tips that can help you in giving effective feedback to your students. It might assist you in overcoming this tedious task. Feedback is essential to have an effective learning process. It would be pointless to study without any feedback. Feedback will work as a wonder for students in increasing their academic scores.

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