Interesting Facts on Why Solar Water Heaters are Better

In today´s day and age solar power is seen as the better option. They are in numerous companies, and even homes. Below are a few facts as to why one such device, a solar water heater, is a better option.

Solar energy has grown to be the most renowned reusable source of energy. It cuts back living expenses making it easier for households, and even companies and factories have turned to solar power. Due to this fact, multiple organizations have created various categories of solar-powered equipment ranging from household appliances to even solar-powered phones. However, we will be looking at a specific kind of solar-powered equipment; a solar water heater.

Here are various facts you must know about solar-powered heaters.

Energy Collectors

All solar-powered water heaters contain collectors where heat is accumulated and transformed into energy used to heat the water. Depending on your location, climate, and budget, there are a few types of collectors that can be installed. There are three main types mainly:

  • Flate-plate collectors – as the name suggests these are mainly flat waterproof boxes fitted with absorber plates with various rows of parallel tubes with an inlet and outlet pipe on both ends where water is passed through
  • Integral collector storage – are also called batch collectors which operate by heating the water in a tank and is stored there until it is needed.
  • Evacuated Tube Collectors – use tubes made out of glass or metal that absorb heat and retain it. It mainly relies on the vacuum between both the metal and glass tubes to retain heat

Water Quality

Solar water heaters not only keep water at an optimum state but also purify it and ensure that there are no toxic or metal substances such as mercury contamination released into the environment. Depending on the kind of water that needs heating (Hard water or soft water), acquiring the right water heater is crucial. Ensuring water quality is but one of the few facts that promote 300 litre solar water heater price in different companies.

Maintenance cost

This kind of machinery is highly durable and requires little effort on maintaining. Ensuring that there are periodic inspections on the state and condition of various parts is all that is needed. These periodic inspections can either be yearly or even after a few months reducing your workload and costs less.

Climate Resistant

The type of solar water heater that can be installed at your household or company greatly depends on the kind of climate experienced within the vicinity. Some work best in cold areas, preserving the little sunlight collected while in hotter regions the solar water heater is likely to be small since they require less energy to collect and retain heat. It also helps in reducing the number of carbon footprints, preserving our echo system.


Over the years, many companies have resorted to using solar energy, thus providing longevity and consistency in their product. The same is said for solar water heaters they are very durable and can last for years before requiring any major replacements. Various companies have boasted of providing quality products all through the aid of acquiring a new power resource

In conclusion, many facts make solar-powered water heaters a better option. The world right now is advancing in technology, and solar power is viewed as a road map to achieving greater heights