Make Your Office Documentation Work Perfect With These Tips

Whether working with hard or soft copies of all the paperwork, you must keep them correctly and organized. No one likes a messy workspace with papers scattered all over the place, and when this mess is in digital form, it is the worst.

We live in a digital era, and all our documentation is in digital format on our phones and laptops. But often, we find ourselves in a situation where we are looking for a document and cannot find it. To save you from such cases, we bring you this article.

Here are some tips to make your documentation work more efficiently and perfectly.

  • Follow a pattern while naming the files and folders.

A simple pattern in naming can make your search for a suitable file and folder much more effortless. Having a set pattern for naming can help you become more efficient and faster in searching the individual file or folder. 

  • Do not save clutter.

Make it a routine to clear out clutter from your device. Often, we forget to delete the files and folders that are of no use to us from our devices. Go through such files and folders weekly, and if you find something of no use, you can discard it immediately. 

  • Save essential files in PDF.

PDF is one of the most reliable and trustworthy file formats. Save your documentation in PDF format so that the content will remain intact if you change your system or device. The content of PDFs does not vary on different platforms. You can simply use any online tool like PDFSimpli to convert XLSX to PDF or any document format to PDF. PDFSimpli is an all-rounder tool that can perform editing, splitting, merging, or even converting  Excel to PDF.

  • Club similar documents.

“Birds of the same feather flock together.” But with documents, you need to flock them together. Put similar types of documents in a folder so that it becomes easy for you to find them.

  • Put dates in the name of files and folders.

When you are naming the files and folder, try to put in dates or months in the name. Putting dates in the title will make you find them easily. For example, you can name a file as “XYZ_Oct22” if it was created in October 2022. 


Using these tips, it will become easy for you to organize files and folders on your device and system.