Neurosearch AI, ICO: invest in cutting-edge neurosearch technology long-awaited ICO, featuring revolutionary artificial intelligence technology that offers a unique and convenient voice assistant for everyday life and business, has already begun! The Neuro token, used to access Neurosearch’s services, started with an affordable price of $0.05 in the first round. However, the token price will increase by $0.05 for every 2 million tokens sold.
This means that as the number of investors grows, the token price will increase.

Neurosearch has already attracted the attention of investors and financiers from around the world, thanks to the potential of its technology.
The company offers a confidential, encrypted communication system through its voice assistant and personal assistant, which can manage time, schedule events, order food, buy products, and much more. All of this can be done in real-time using voice commands.

How many tokens will be sold?

Within the framework of the Neurosearch ICO, only 10% of the 100,000,000 tokens will be sold. The ICO will be conducted in several rounds, each of which will be accompanied by an increase in the Neuro token price. Investors are urged to act quickly and invest in Neurosearch while the token price has not increased in subsequent rounds.
Investing in Neurosearch will provide users with access to cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies for information search and time management. The Neuro token can be used to access Neurosearch’s services, as well as for discounts and bonuses.
Don’t miss your chance to invest in the future of artificial intelligence technologies.

Join the Neurosearch ICO today and be part of the AI revolution.

Examples of successful ICOs

One of the most prominent examples of a successful ICO is the fundraising campaign for the development of the Ethereum platform, launched by Vitalik Buterin in 2014. At the time of the ICO launch, the token price was only $0.03. Despite the modest initial capital, the Ethereum ICO was extremely successful. By the end of the ICO, more than $18 million was raised, allowing Vitalik and his team to continue working on the platform and further develop it.

Today, Ethereum is one of the most popular and successful blockchain platforms, allowing for the creation and launching of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). The Ethereum team continues to work on further improving and developing the platform, and the token price has already increased significantly.
The successful ICO example of Ethereum shows that even with a small initial capital, huge success can be achieved if the project has potential and investor support.
Similarly, investing in the NeuroSearch ICO can also lead to successful results. The NeuroSearch neural network offers a unique and convenient voice assistant for everyday life and business. The Neurosearch ICO started with a token price of $0.05 per piece, and will increase by $0.05 for every sale of 2 million tokens.

What will happen if I buy Neuro token?

If you bought Neuro tokens for $1000 at a price of $0.05 per token, you would be able to acquire 20,000 Neuro tokens. If the price of Neuro tokens increased to $10 after 6-12 months, you could sell your tokens for $200,000. In this case, your profit would be $199,000.
In conclusion, we can see that tokens associated with artificial intelligence are showing good growth and profitability for their investors. We are confident that the Neurosearch ICO can achieve the same success and profitability for its community and investors.

Neurosearch invites all interested parties to visit its website to learn more about its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and investment opportunities. In addition, you can follow our Twitter page and Telegram channel to stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the revolution in artificial intelligence by visiting our website and subscribing to our social media!”

All 100,000,000 Neuro are issued, of which about 10% of all tokens will be sold. All tokens that are not sold will be burned.
The Neuro token is the newest BEP-20 protocol on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain platform. More than 100,000 million tokens will not be issued, which is done to increase the token price and attractiveness to investors.

When you buy a token during the initial coin offering (ICO) stage, you give developers the opportunity to create a unique artificial intelligence company worth hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, and accordingly, everyone who invests at an early stage gets tremendous benefits.

Tokenomics NeuroSearch AI

Tokenomics refers to the economics of a token or cryptocurrency, such as how it’s created, distributed, and used. Knowing the tokenomics of a cryptocurrency is important for evaluating its investment potential and future growth.
The Neuro Token has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens, with 50,000,000 currently in circulation. The initial token price was $0.05.
The token allocation is as follows: 60% for public sale, 20% for team and advisor incentives, 10% for community development, and 10% for liquidity and marketing.
 Staking Neuro Tokens can earn up to 175% APY, and participating in farming programs can also earn additional Neuro Tokens.
A portion of profits generated by the Neuro ecosystem will be used to buyback and burn Neuro Tokens, which will reduce the total supply and increase the value of remaining tokens.