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Qualities You Didn’t Know About Wool.

Climate change is real, and it is happening. Wondering what a topic like this has to do with wool and its benefits? Well, it has.

Wool is a natural fabric and uses the least amount of water and electricity to become a polished store product. So, yes, it is ideally the best in a lot more ways than just saving you from the freezing weather.

Besides, these fantastic attributes about wool make it perfectly aligned with the circular economy goals. Let’s uncover more of such benefits and learn how wool is a superior fabric.

Attributes that Make Wool Superior

Sure it is practical, comfortable, and more wearable, but what else makes it special? To find out more, read on.

Better for the Environment

Wool is a natural fabric since it is obtained from sheep. This means the wool combines water, air, sunshine, and grass.

Also, did you know that sheep shed their wool coats whether or not humans shear them? Yes, they do this by scratching themselves on trees to get rid of excess wool or fur. So, humans are not harming them by shearing away the wool coats. Furthermore, wool decomposes much quicker than other fabrics, releasing all the nutrients back to the earth since it’s naturally obtained.

Renewable Source

It’s not like sheep produce a fleece only once, eventually making wool completely renewable. No matter what, sheep will produce fleece every year. Thus, wool is timeless, quite literally. Furthermore, wool is entirely biodegradable. You get continued access to the source, and it is not even harming the environment, a win-win.

Comfortable and Wearable

There is a myth that wool is scratchy and rash on the skin, but it is a myth again. The quality may differ based on which sheep it was obtained from and how it was processed. However, this in no way marks wool as an uncomfortable or non-wearable fabric.

Authentic Australian Merino wool and other premium-quality wools are utterly soft and easier on the skin. Australia is the key producer of wool. In 2016/17, the country produced over 71 million kilograms of greasy wool.

Nevertheless, with quality comes added price, so that is something you might have to bear. Wool is comfortable to wear as it absorbs a decent quantity of moisture, giving you a breezy feel even when the weather acts out.

Lastly, the best part is appropriate for both summers and winters. Since it absorbs moisture, you can throw on a wool summer vest because it would keep you cool. In contrast, you can wear wool sweaters to beat the freezing temperatures.

Easy to Style and Maintain

Versatile designs are super easy to style. Besides, knitwear is all around us, so you can get your perfect size and the design you are looking for anywhere. Be it formals or casuals, putting together an outfit becomes easy with such a wide range of options.

In the care and wash category, you prefer cotton clothes over others because they are low maintenance and durable. Wool is pretty much the same. It’s stain resistant and odour resistant. And lastly, wool is machine washable.

Final Thoughts

That is it about wool and its benefits. A fabric that is doing you as much good as it does to the environment. What makes it special is that it aligns with the circular economy.

Easy to maintain, comfortable to wear, help the sheep, helps you combat harsh climate, wool sure is superior to other fabrics.

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