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Recycling Paper in SG – A Profession Making A Difference

In Singapore’s bustling urban cityscape, recycling paper may seem like an afterthought amidst the gleaming skyscrapers and non-stop activity. However, there is a group of dedicated individuals who play a vital role in keeping waste out of overflowing landfills – Singapore’s paper collectors. These collectors traverse the heartlands on an everyday basis, going door to door to collect recyclable paper from households and businesses. It is a respectable profession that makes a tangible difference to the environment.

The Work of a Paper Collector

A typical day for a paper collector in Singapore begins early in the morning with loading up their vehicle or push cart with empty bags and heading out into the neighborhoods. They move methodically from block to block, knocking on doors and calling out “paper, paper” to alert residents. The enthusiastic response they receive from locals shows how much their work is appreciated. 

Residents bundle up old newspapers, magazines, cardboard and other recyclable paper items and hand them over. The collector will thank them politely before moving on to the next unit. Some collectors also offer additional services like helping to dispose of large cardboard boxes or shredding confidential documents for secure disposal. 

After making their rounds, the collectors head to local paper recycling plants to unload their haul. The paper is then sorted, graded, baled and eventually transported to paper mills where it is transformed into new paper products. This completes the recycling loop.

Importance of Paper Recycling

There are several key reasons why recycling paper is important, which highlights the significance of paper collectors’ work. Firstly, recycling reduces waste sent to the incinerator for disposal. Producing new paper from recycled stock also uses less water and energy compared to making paper from virgin pulp. 

Singapore has limited landfill space, so recycling helps extend the lifespan of our only remaining landfill on Semakau Island. Additionally, recycling paper conserves precious resources like trees, as less virgin wood pulp is needed. This protects forests which act as carbon sinks against climate change.

Societal Views on Paper Collecting  

In the past, paper collecting was seen as a lowly profession performed primarily by the elderly and informal waste pickers. However, views have evolved as environmental consciousness in Singapore has grown. There is now greater appreciation for paper collectors’ contribution to recycling efforts and resource sustainability.

The work has become professionalized, with many collectors now working for licensed companies providing uniforms and transportation. Government schemes also help supplement their income. This formalization of paper collecting has increased respectability.

Paper collecting is also increasingly viewed as a “green job” that promotes environmental sustainability. Singapore’s goals of becoming a zero-waste nation and moving towards a circular economy have put the spotlight on reduce-reuse-recycle. Paper collectors are now recognized as frontline heroes of the recycling movement.  

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At the end of each day, Singapore’s tireless paper collectors have gathered tons of recyclable waste that will be given a new lease of life. As one resident puts it, “The collectors provide an extremely useful service to us citizens. We should support them as best as we can.” The work of a paper collector allows them to earn an honest living while benefiting society and the environment. It is a respectable profession that deserves acknowledgement for making a difference through recycling in Singapore.

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