Srinagar Travel Guide. Srinagar Travel Guide – 5 Days.

According to them, Kashmir is the only paradise on Earth. Why not? The stunning location captures the true beauty of nature, with clear waters, sparkling snow-kissed mountain peaks, and stunning waterfalls. Srinagar is Kashmir’s capital and summer capital. It offers the most amazing experiences, with its delicious cuisine, bustling bazaars and shimmering streams.

The vibrant culture speaks volumes about the tranquil, peaceful land that is laced with rare delights. We have an exciting plan for you if you have a week. It is tailored to your needs, making sure you are not missing out on any of the ‘fun factors’. Continue reading!

Travel Diaries Srinagar

Srinagar offers a variety of entertainments. There are historic gardens and colourful bazaars that buzz with tourists in a bee-like frenzy. It is a wonderful place to be surrounded by this aura. These mini-adventures will spice up your Srinagar experience and you should definitely add these mini-adventures in your Srinagar Holiday Packages.

Day One

After the long ride to Srinagar, we recommend that you start your day with some tranquil solace and a calm, happy atmosphere.

Head to Shalimar Bagh

This 15th-century garden or ‘bagh’ is located on the right bank to Dal Lake. It’s a wonderful place to stroll around and explore. This one is a must-see, with lush green gardens and a bubbly stream running through its centre.

Take a walk in NishatBagh.

Asif Khan built NishatBagh for his sister. It is a terraced, green garden that sits against the backdrop of the Himalayan mountains.

Visit the Indira Gandhi Tulip Memorial

The tulip garden supports rare varieties of tulips.

Enjoy the evening at the Polo View Market and Boulevard Road

We are sure you’ll find something to make your wallet happy as you browse endless options of ethnic wear, carpets and embroidery.

Day 2

Spend the day exploring Gulmarg, Kashmir’s meadow full of flowers. This heavenly hamlet, located just 1.5 hours away from the capital city of Kashmir, is known for its rich flora & fauna and winter adventure sports. This is Asia’s seventh-best ski destination and a mecca for snowboarders and ski enthusiasts.

Take the Gulmarg Gondola to get to the top of this amazing hill, which reaches a staggering 3,979m. You should also visit the Maharani Temple and the Shiv Temple in Gulmarg. This magnificent view overlooks the entire valley from atop a hill. By evening, return to Srinagar.

Day Three

It is impossible to visit Srinagar without seeing the majestic houseboats lined up in an array of perfection.

A houseboat experience is a great option.

Rent a houseboat to explore the waterways. The Dal Lake in Srinagar feels more like a small village set in the water. It has its own shops and public gardens. Schools and hospitals are also available. These shops, although a bit more expensive than others, offer a wide range of Kashmiri handicrafts. You can sail across the lake on a Shikara (a small Kashmiri boat). It is a relaxing experience, but it is also very enjoyable.

Enjoy a positive air quality.

Visit the Shankaracharya temple. This historical wonder was built in 371 BC and is an important pilgrimage site. You can spend the night on the deck of the houseboat, gazing at the stars and listening to the dimming lights from nearby houseboats.

Day Four

Pahalgam, a hill town located just 85km away, is a great day trip. Pahalgam is known as the base camp of the Amarnath pilgrimage. This city also has a wide variety of fauna and flora, including many rare species like Hangul, musk deer, serow, and others.

Kolhoi Glacier is a must-see.

Kolhoi, a hanging glacier, is a popular tourist spot for alpine enthusiasts.

 The Betaab Valley is worth a visit.

Do you remember the amazing background scenes in the movie “Betaab”? This is where you are looking! The stunning mountain backdrop and clear, blue waters are enough to make anyone want to take pictures.

Spend the night in Pahalgam. You will find the best resorts in the valley, offering great views and excellent service.

Day Five

Head from Pahalgam to Sonmarg early in the morning. Nestled among the high Himalayan peaks, the golden meadow once served as a gateway to the ancient silk route. Sonmarg is a popular adventure spot and a great place to visit if your goal is to have some fun. There are many trekking and river rafting routes on this mostly snow-covered spot that will give you an adrenaline rush.

You can return to Srinagar for the night, which is just 1.5 hours away.

Day Six

You can say goodbye to Kashmir’s cultural capital and get on your train/plane. If you have some time, you can take a stroll down the LalChowk to shop for dry fruits, fresh spices and Kehwa (Kashmiri Tea). You might also want to surprise family and friends with papier-mache.

Srinagar Accommodation

There are many accommodation options available in the city to suit all budgets and needs. You can find any type of accommodation you desire, from houseboats and homestays to adventure resorts. If you’re looking for a great view from your bedroom and are willing to spend a lot, we recommend renting a room near the lake.

The houseboats moored in or near the Naina Lake are a great option for your review, but they can be expensive. However, you will find a lot of peace and tranquillity that is difficult to find from the front. We recommend that you make your best decision and pick accordingly.

Srinagar’s best time to visit

Although the valley is open to tourists all year round, it is best to visit the city between April and October when the weather is great, and the flowers are in full bloom. This paints the entire area in vibrant, colourful hues.

However, if you want to see Srinagar’s snowy glory in all its glory, then the best months to visit are October-March.

How to get to Srinagar

Srinagar is a popular tourist destination and has excellent connections to the globe via air and road. Srinagar’s international airport, Sheikh ul Alam Airport has located just 15km from the city centre. The trains Jammu Tawi (currently) connect the majority of the country to the city. Jammu is a seven-hour drive from Srinagar. Canadians can fly to Amritsar or Delhi to take the Srinagar tour.