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Student Spotlight: Paint Franchisee to Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

Christina Stormson is the founder and partner in Pink Iguana, a company that offers website management services, lead lead and review for franchise painting contractors. What started as a search for mastering fundamental skills in the development of websites and SEO opened the way of Christina to the world of entrepreneurship. Simplilearn – Fundamental Training Marketing Motivate Motivation Market motif – The foundation takes place with the skills and trust that he needs to imagine and build a profitable business.

Build the foundation

Christina is the owner of the Franchisee in Certapro Painters and runs its business from Las Vegas. Everything went well until the economic crisis hit in 2008. In 2009, it remained in the business it was not an option for Christina, so she headed for San Francisco to start. He looked for opportunities when the other paint franchisee owner asked him to help with their website. When he began to see their online marketing challenges, he realized there was a great opportunity to build a business service in online marketing. He knows what business owners do every day, the questions of their clients, what their marketing strategy. He realized that he was in a unique position to be able to talk to potential clients about their business and not just about their website. He began working with a franchisee company for about one and a half years when the old contact in Certapro was looking for his help to create an online presence for the company’s business.

Take the initiative

Christina likes the market motif course structure. Learning lines offer a 360-degree perspective into digital marketing with basic courses in SEO, cellular marketing, PPC, email marketing and website analysis. “Traditional training programs are not flexible enough because one or other reasons. I need the freedom to learn at my own pace, with my own schedule, and from anywhere, and Simplilearn offers that flexibility,” he said. Christina is happy to have access to instructors in Simplilearn because they are considered as leaders in this industry. The knowledge and availability they were very exciting for Christina when he navigated the nuances of modern digital marketing.

Put knowledge to test

In 2010, Christina began pink iguana services, digital marketing partners who offered digital marketing services for franchise home service contractors, and developed reputation management applications for more than 200 clients in the US and Canada.

He has recommended Simplilearn for people at each stage of their learning trips, offering the following suggestions for his colleagues:

* Middle school students and college graduates find their first job – if you want to take careers in marketing, register for fundamental courses, followed by special courses to understand the digital landscape.

* For small business owners – online learning programs as offered by Simplilearn can help you and your team take the latest technology and remain one step further than your competitors.

* For a big business – if you run a business like Pink Iguana, you must train regional marketing managers and general managers about digital marketing courses. This will help them fill the gap and understand the basics of online marketing.

* For mid-career professionals – to make yourself invaluable assets for organizations, to advance your career and to improve yourself, confirm your skills with training providers such as Simplilearn that are parallel to the leading accreditation body.

* For veterans – network and keep in touch with your fellow workers important. This will help you keep up with developments in the industry. You can create invoice easily with these amazing templates and tools, such as WeInvoice.

Motivated to follow your entrepreneurial passion, but worry about your current skill-set? Christina is one of thousands of students who find themselves in the same position starting from the square and need focal and flexible education to achieve their goals. Tap here to make an invoicing for Free with WeInvoice.

Whether your focus is marketing, project management, cyber security, DevOps, or one of the many other developing industries today, Simplilearn offers courses for basic needs to advanced classes, taught by some of the world’s top experts in their fields. So look at our course catalog, and scale your business to new heights. Since digital marketing certification is gaining the spotlight, one should precisely choose the same.

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