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The Average Price for Detailing your Car in Edmonton

Car detailing in Edmonton is a major part of owning a vehicle here. Frequent car detailing prevents corrosion from salt present on the roads during winter, safeguards interiors and helps maintain resale value. In comparison to the list of benefits offered, car detailing is a reasonable way to take care of your car and make driving a pleasant experience. Here are some of the things which affect the price of car detailing. Take a look:

In order to calculate the final price of car detailing, you should consider a few factors such as size and type of car you own, and whether you want exterior detailing, interior detailing or both. There are bundles of add-on services such as odor removal, pet hair removal, deep cleaning that adds to the price. Lastly, how much dirt your vehicle has plays a vital role in the calculation of the final cost.

Type of car

The size and type of car you own plays a major role in determining the cost of car detailing. The detailing for small cars may cost anywhere between $100 to $150 while for sedan, SUV and 7-seaters, it may go as high as $160 to $250. This also depends on whether you opt for exterior detailing or interior detailing or both. 

Interior vs. Exterior vs. full package

Often, you need more cleaning in the interior of your car than the exterior. It is totally your call to decide what type of detailing you need. You can check out the different packages available for different detailing options. However, you do have a low price package for combined exterior and interior detailing.

Specialty vehicles

If you have a bigger vehicle, say a semi-truck, then First Detailing offers reasonable and custom pricing for such specialty vehicles. For larger size SUVs, sleeper cabs or cargo vans, you can ask for special pricing quotes. 

Add-on services

Sometimes your car needs more than just detailing. If you think you need to include engine cleaning, odor removal, deep interior cleaning or pet hair removal services, then you can include these add-ons and get a customized package for you. 

How often should you get your car detailed?

Car owners often get overwhelmed by car detailing because they think it needs to be done more often than it really should be done. For most cars, you only need detailing twice a year. If you don’t drive your car too frequently or use only city roads with less dirt and debris, you can choose to get your car detailed just once a year. Two times a year is preferable to avoid any dirt buildup and to take care of small swirls and scratches. 

On the other hand, if you take your vehicle on rugged terrain too much or drive on roads that are extremely dirty, then you should go for car detailing more than two times a year. For such vehicles, you can choose car detailing three to four times to maintain their look and good condition and retain resale value.

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