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The Importance of Door Closers for your Las Vegas property

Imagine an annoying noise, or several annoying noises that happen to us in a common way and that even though we are used to them happening, they get us out of our minds. In addition to a loud knock on the door, the sound of the kettle or an ignorant person who decided to honk his horn at full volume when you clearly could not move forward, we can find among the most annoying the slamming of doors. Those unnecessary uses of force to simply close a door, or the wind that is also the protagonist of this fact. 

And now, think of the beautiful artifact created by angels that managed to combat this problem. That’s right, we are talking about door closers and how beautiful they make our lives even though we often do not notice it when entering a store or another house. Did you know the benefits of deciding to install a door closer? Read on, we explain them in detail.

What is a door closer for?

Although it may be a little strange to explain what is the purpose of what we know in general as a “door closer” (its name already explains it), you might be surprised to know that it not only closes the doors smoothly. It has multiple functions that are adjustable to your needs.

Holding the door

A door closer supplemented with a door retainer can prevent or slow down the entry of people by a small adjustment that can be shown to you by the locksmith installer. Most of the time it works based on a button or some kind of app that gives access to the place.

This type of door closers are not so common at home, but in centers where there may be a large influx of people that need to be limited, for example, a doctor’s office, rooms restricted for certain reasons, company offices, among many more.

Dock regulation

This is very necessary for parents who need to limit the entrance of their children to certain areas, when a door closer has a spring you can adjust how much weight you need for the door to open and thus be able to put a kind of parental control in your home, especially if you have something like a studio or similar.

Hydraulic door closer

Well a door closer with hydraulic closing regulation allows you to adjust the speed at which the door will close depending on your preferences. There are some that close really fast and others that are much slower to allow another person to pass if necessary. During the adjustable door closer installing, the locksmith will tell you in detail everything you need to know to change the speed to the one you want.

Regulating the opening of a door

This is also widely used and allows the door to close specifically where you want it to close, and sometimes leaves it only ajar so that if another person needs to pass through, they can do so without having to touch the handle or open. 

Cushioning the final blow or eliminating it

Finally, the ultimate advantage is the one we all want: Eliminate that annoying lock sound that often gets on our nerves. As you may have seen throughout our article, there are a myriad of ways to door closers. All that’s left to do is talk to a locksmith who specializes in door closers to determine which one is the best fit for your situation. 

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