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The need for recruitment CRM and the importance of great post-implementation support

When it comes to recruitment CRM, choosing a good software and assuming that’s all there is to it is a wrong move.  Staffing agencies must work hard to find a recruitment software provider that is not only known for their product but also for the services they deliver.

This is because recruitment agencies must invest in not just the product but also the software provider. It is about more than simply ‘buying a system’.

The right kind of recruitment software involves choosing the right long-term business partner – one that will work hard with the agency to meet the business goals.

A big decision

It’s not easy to come to a decision about which software is right for the agency. The decision is made difficult because there are many recruitment software systems in the market. All of them have great features that are definitely useful. So, it can get a bit confusing when it is decision time.

Agencies must be meticulous in their research – consider the recruiter challenges, candidate needs, company goals, etc. All these elements have to be factored in during the research so that only the most suitable software is selected.

Working with the right software changes the way the business operates. In recruitment, it helps recruiters work efficiently and achieve more by doing less. Therefore, a lot is there to be gained when recruiters can leverage good recruitment agency software and optimise their workflow.

Must-have features in recruitment software

  • Automation to reduce admin workload
  • Cloud-based recruitment agency software to assist remote recruiting
  • Integration with other important recruiting tools/platforms
  • Comprehensive compliance checks

These are some of the most essential and fundamental requirements for good recruitment platforms. The purpose of a software system is to decrease workload, increase productivity and generally introduce a more efficient way of working. Integrating with social media platforms makes talent sourcing easy while integrating with skills testing software makes candidate skills assessment effortless.

But it is necessary to note that CRM software features are not the only thing to keep an eye out for.

The need for quality customer service

Okay, so the agencies find a supplier who has one of the leading products in the market. The features seem to match well with the needs. Should the agency sign the partnership contract?

While it does seem to look good, the research cannot be said to be complete without checking and confirming the kind of customer support the software provider provides to their clients. It’s never about signing the contract and never reaching out to the supplier again.

And why is post-implementation support so important? For starters, the CRM software is one that recruiters will use daily. It is the main tool that is necessary for much of the work recruiters will be doing every day. The business-critical recruitment software tool is more than a platform for data storage. When used correctly, it is a competitive weapon that helps drive up the revenue for the agency.

Thus, it needs to be in top shape and in no way should it hinder the running of the business. The majority of agencies forget about checking the functionality and the quality of the support. But an important reminder is that – recruiters don’t have to put up with poor service.

The recruitment software provider is a tech partner for recruitment agencies. Therefore, the services they provide must be evaluated not only based on their software features but also post-implementation care.

Quick, responsive and knowledgeable consultants are mandatory. Recruitment is a fast-paced industry. Recruiters don’t expect to be left hanging on the phone when they need tech support.

Demos and customer reviews

Product demos and user reviews help provide a critical understanding of the recruitment software and the service delivered by the vendor. Most agencies offer free online demos. Don’t hesitate to book them and see the software system in action.

Client testimonials and objective customer reviews can showcase both the good and the bad. Going over both provides a clearer picture of what to expect.

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