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Top 4 things to be considered before beginning a car wash business in Kenya.

This article avers the need for car wash points and seeks to explore the various things to consider before beginning a car wash business. The business rampant in Kenya is a high profitable business and this article gives the factors that would ensure the highest profit imaginable.

Cars are a common commodity in the world, much less Kenya. Car specificity is a vital duty regularly if a car owner wants to keep the car clean and neat. Keeping the outward appearance of the car attractive would therefore be a top priority for each car owner. Due to this imperial need and many roads, car wash stations are found at almost every point in Kenya.

The car wash business is, therefore, one of the most lucrative entrepreneurial businesses in Kenya. A well-run car wash business, at a strategic point, would gain much profit. Starting a car wash business requires many considerations, including licensing and location.

The following factors should be put into consideration before setting up a car wash business:

Licen sing.

The license required to run a car wash business in Kenya is a Business Permit. This is a compulsory document necessary for any business in Kenya, and the correct certification is required to evade all legal sanctions. It is mandatory that you secure the proper credentials before you start any business.

The tariffs for business permits differ from region to region in Kenya; it would be highly recommended to know the charge for a particular county.  This is the primary consideration for a car wash business.

Specificity of services.

Knowing the exact services to be offered in a car wash is by far the best option. This would help in understanding the special equipment to purchase that would be needed at the car wash. This would further give customers a guarantee of services likely to be accorded in the car wash.

Some standard services offered in car washes are body wash, buffing, interior cleaning, waxing, dusting, upholstery and engine wash.


A good location is a cherry on the icecream. Many factors should be put into contemplation when choosing a site for setting up a car wash. The car wash business in Kenya has flourished in places near bars, bus parks, churches, hotels, and eateries. Many people tend to visit these places daily and would therefore provide extreme exposure to potential customers.  These areas have considerable exposure to people

Water supply.

Water supply is directly affected by the location chosen. Good Water Supply includes storage.Finding an area with a constant water supply is highly recommended because there is no car wash without water. Although in the unlikely event that water supply is not steady, water tanks would be the best option for water storage.


Any person with adequate knowledge of cars would be able to begin and sustain a car wash business. However, for the business to flourish, planning is required ensuring that all avenues are considered with nothing left to chance.

All the considerations set above are essential for a flourishing car wash business, but more is still required. Therefore, a car wash business is not rocket science and would be a walk in the park with the perfect plan. If you a planning to get a car washing machine, check with

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