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Top Engagement Ring Designs That You Need To Check out

Engagement rings are a girl’s dream! Your loved one is meant to adore it as much today as she would twenty years later. Well, such an instance does put a lot of pressure on the groom. And that is why we will try to help you!

With so many diamond rings available in the market, we bring to you the top engagement rings that your fiancé or wife will love.

With the advent of lab grown diamonds, you can even choose them with certain budgetary constraints.

Diamond Solitaire

The most popular option ever is the striking solitaire of engagement rings. Actors and celebrities all over the globe have adored solitaire rings for years now. While many hot designs come and go, the solitaire never goes out of fashion.

It is genuinely the understated, subtle design yet never the dull one. The diamond is put squarely in the spotlight, making it essential that the quality and cut of the stone are excellent. You can go for the classic round or a princess cut if you want to keep it mainstream.

Moreover, many new designs such as emerald, oval, pear, and marquise are gaining popularity. You can also go for a heart-shaped diamond to become a true blue romantic!

Pave Settings

Pave Engagement rings signify luxury! Their surface is covered by diamonds which always gives a glittery appearance. You can also go for lab grown diamonds for the diamonds on the rim.

While the gemstone could be anything you like, people popularly go for diamonds only. These rings are created by setting the diamonds very closely and then held together through tiny beads of platinum or gold.

With no exposure to the ring’s metal, Pave Settings are perfect for those who feel more is more.

Halo Rings

Halo rings are settings where several pave diamonds encircles the center gemstone. If you want an amplified visual impression along with a center diamond, Halo rings are your best friend.

These rings started in the 1920s, but as the vintage styles are gaining precedence again, Halo rings are back in business!

You should remember that the cut is a make-or-break factor for Halo Rings. You can go for princess cut or round diamonds in these rings; otherwise, oval and cushion shapes are also doing the rounds these days.

Bezel Setting

After solitaire, Bezel settings gain the center stage because of the modern look and practical reasons.

The most secure setting ever, Bezel has a central diamond set in the rim through an edging of platinum or gold. Because of this design, the diamond remains secure and attracts people directly towards the sparking star.

You can have a partial or a full bezel setting according to your preference.

Wrapping up

So, that’s it from our side, folks! Whether you choose the classic solitaire diamond look, Halo rings, Pave settings, or the Bezel one, what matters is that it should be given with love.

We strongly recommend understanding the needs and likes of your fiancé before purchasing the ring of their dreams. Also, if, in any case, you are not able to buy an original diamond one, you can even invest in lab grown diamonds.

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