What Are the Advantages of Using an Inverter Welding Machine?

Inverter welding machines are very efficient when it comes to welding since it is capable of converting AC to a much lower voltage which is relatively usable

This article will focus on some of the key benefits of using an Invertermachine when carrying out welding activities at home or in the workshop.

When choosing the best device for your welding, you might end up choosing between the inverter machine or the conventional devices. These two types operate differently, and they also come with their advantages or disadvantages. However, inverted machines are more popular than conventional machines. Below are some of the key features that make them beneficial.

Weight and Size

This has been granted as the most advantageous aspect of an inverter machine as compared to the conventional types. The inverter machines weigh less than 5kg, makingthem portable and easy to move around with. Despite the small weight and size, it is still capable of producing reliable power.


The inverter welding machines have much higher efficiency as compared to the conventional machines. This is because the conventional ones have much greater resistance, which greatly affects their output, thus the decrease in efficiency.

Low Power Requirements

Invertermachines are capable of operating under low power. They have a low power demand and can therefore be operated on generator power. This is a big advantage in the case of blackouts, allowing you to continue working under the supply of power from a generator.

Duty Cycle

In general, inverter machines have much higher duty cycles as compared to their counterpart conventional machines. This is also attributed to the difference in the size of their respective transformers. However, smaller components found in inverter machines have been found to heat up faster, but the cooling process is also much easier.

DC Output

Unlike conventional machines that can operate only on alternating current, Inverter machines can operate using direct current. This means that they are not limited to the type of electrodes that can be used on the welding machine. Inverter machines are also capable of carrying out DC TIG Welding which cannot be done by conventional machines.


Inverter machines have a higher performance than conventional machines. This has been particularly noticed in the stick machine, which provides the operator with a higher performance without ‘fighting’ the arc. This is mainly because inverter machines have a much higher open-circuit voltage that can accommodate extra features including a Hot Start.


With an inverter machine, fixing additional functions like TIG mode is far much possible as compared to conventional machines. Controlling the pre-existing functions is also easier in an inverter machine.


In sum, the benefits of having an inverter machine over the conventional welding machine are many, making the machine far more appropriate and reliable for use in welding. The machine is also of better value for money for the buyer due to its numerous functionalities and reliability.