What can recruiters expect from a skills assessment test?

Every job demands different things from applicants. And recruiters utilise the power of skills testing software to accurately measure whether candidates have the aptitude and skills to carry out the responsibility of the role.

Once a good skills testing software is integrated into the hiring process and with the recruitment software system, it enables recruiters as well as client companies to make better hiring decisions.

The key point is to find a good candidate skills assessment software. A solid new applicant filtering and assessment system capable of identifying top talents. This immediately makes the time and process between filtering applications and interviewing candidates much more convenient and fruitful for recruiters.

Types of useful skills tests

While robust online skills testing software will have a wide-ranging library of tests, some assessments are very popular and useful for a variety of industries.

  • Literacy skills tests
  • Numeracy skills tests
  • Data entry skills tests
  • Typing skills tests
  • Accounting skills tests
  • Psychometric skills tests

Literacy and numeracy assessments are very useful for measuring a candidate’s grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, and ease with numbers. These are basic requirements and important for every kind of job role.

For those who are trying more for administrative roles, high standard data entry and typing skills are critical. The skills tests not only demand that the individual be accurate but also quite speedy. Because having an employee who is quick at their job but hands in their work full of inaccuracies is something that employers want to avoid altogether. Similarly, employers are not keen on someone who submits impeccable work but takes a substantial amount of time. The data entry and typing skills tests are ways to assess each applicant’s speed and precision when handling data.

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Psychometric skills tests are designed to check a candidate’s cognitive ability and personality to ensure that they match the role and the company culture they will be working in.

Online skills testing is convenient and easy

As part of modern recruiting methods, online skills assessment software solutions are very beneficial to recruiters. They make it easy to test as many candidates as required in the easiest way possible.

After selecting one or more skills tests, recruiters can send the test link to a group of candidates in a few minutes from within the skills testing software system. This directly cuts down the time spent in arranging the assessments – time, date, and location details as well as communication with candidates. It is also convenient for candidates as they can take the test from anywhere they have access to a computer device and a broadband connection.

Competitive advantage of skills assessment tests

It’s a particularly competitive world for recruiters. Every recruitment agency consultant is extremely driven and focused on being the one to find and place top talents for the hiring company.

Thus, recruiters have to do whatever they can to stand out from their rivals. They must work on their recruiting process and the quality of the candidates they bring forward for the company’s consideration.

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Skills test results provide tangible evidence of an individual’s capabilities and strengths. If employers have to choose between two candidates and one has a good skills test result, then the hiring companies are more likely to opt for concrete evidence of skills and potential. Backed by clear proof, it helps recruiters and client companies make better hiring decisions.

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