What Is The Most Ethical Stone for An Engagement Ring?

If you are in the market for an ethical engagement ring, Great Heights is a great place to start. Great Heights specializes in ethical engagement rings, specializing in 100% lab-grown diamonds. Its extensive inventory of engagement rings has a “Guide Me” option that helps you choose a ring that fits your budget and preferences. They source the finest lab-grown diamonds and guarantee that they have virtually no visible inclusions.

Stone and Strand

The Stone and Strand brand has just released its first line of ethical engagement rings, the Aisle collection. These vintage-inspired rings are made by the founder, who believes that fine jewelry should be affordable for everyone. Using 10k gold, she crafts most of her pieces. As an ethical jewellery brand, Stone and Strand has also been a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. So you can rest assured that the stones and gold used are conflict-free.

Unlike many other jewelry brands, Stone and Strand jewelry is made from 14-karat solid gold and uses conflict-free gemstones. The designs are affordable, although the prices are not as affordable as some traditional fine jewelry brands. You can also customize your order with an inscription for a small fee. Overall, buying Stone and Strand jewelry is a great option for an ethical engagement ring. Aside from being affordable, Stone and Strand jewelry also stands out because of its quality.

Argyle diamonds

A stunning ring made of an Australian Argyle diamond can make an engagement ring truly special. These diamonds come from a mine in Western Australia that has earned worldwide recognition as one of the best for pink, blue, and red diamonds. Although they are rare, the mine’s exceptional production has resulted in a high demand for the Argyle name and its associated rings. The Argyle mine is only one of a select few ateliers that source and craft diamonds and ethically.

Another important aspect of purchasing an Argyle ring is the company’s commitment to transparency. The company has embraced Blockchain technology, which allows customers to follow the diamond’s journey through a detailed report. It also offers diamonds that are traceable to Canada. Furthermore, it also offers a 90-day return policy and free annual aftercare. This is a testament to the brand’s commitment to socially responsible business.


The brand Catbird is well-known for its beautiful, ethical engagement rings and wedding bands. The brand uses recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds, and lab-grown and recycled stones. In addition, 1% of the proceeds from each sale of its products goes to nonprofit organizations. Founded by Rony Vardi, Catbird is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. This is reflected in the ethical practices it follows when manufacturing its products. Huge different of lab diamonds vs real diamonds cost.

The company is part of the No Dirty Gold campaign and sources all of its precious metals responsibly. It partners with suppliers who adhere to ethical practices and treat their employees well. In addition to sourcing conflict-free gold and diamonds, the company donates 1% of its sales to various causes. So far, they’ve donated more than $1 million to worthy causes. While sourcing diamonds, the company does not make jewelry from conflict-free mines, but rather from certified lab-grown stones.

Ingle & Rhode

A London-based jeweller with an impressive ethical reputation, Ingle & Rhode is committed to making ethically-sourced, high-quality jewelry. The company sources its diamonds, gold and platinum from responsibly-managed mines. All of its pieces are made in the UK by skilled craftsmen. Their commitment to ethical sourcing has earned the company a cult following of conscious consumers. A recent funding round saw the company raise over 50% of its funds from its customers, which was enough to expand their team, streamline their image and launch successful social media campaigns.

Since 2007, Ingle & Rhode has focused its business on ethically-sourced fine jewellery. The brand is regarded by Vogue as one of the most important jewellery destinations in London. The company creates stunning and intricate jewellery, and prides itself on its customer service. It uses certified Fairtrade gold, recycled platinum, and ethical sapphires from Sri Lanka. Clients can choose from an extensive collection of vintage, Art Deco, and classic engagement rings.

Valley Rose

If you’re looking for a beautiful, sustainable engagement ring, look no further than the jewelry from Valley Rose. Valley Rose uses certified ethical gold and sustainable diamonds, as well as sustainable gemstones like pear and opal. All of the jewelry comes with free global shipping and a 14-day return policy. In addition, you can rest easy knowing that you’re supporting small businesses by buying from a company that supports causes like tree planting and sustainability.

The materials that go into a Valley Rose ring are chosen for their provenance and origin, according to a set of ethical standards. That means that gemstones and metals come from conflict-free regions, and people are treated fairly. Aside from being sustainable, ethically-sourced diamonds are also more affordable and use less natural resources than conventional diamonds. It’s never been easier to make an ethical engagement ring.


The most important thing to consider when choosing an ethical engagement ring is where it is sourced. While some companies may choose to source diamonds and other gemstones from conflict-free economies, Aurate is different. All of their stones come from responsibly-managed mines, with minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, Aurate only sources diamonds from ethical sources. To ensure the integrity of the process, their ethically-sourced jewelry is made from 14K gold, which is 100% recycled.


While there are many important factors to consider when choosing an engagement ring, environmental factors are often overlooked. Diamond mining, for example, compromises the lives of people and the planet. While some companies claim to support ethical practices, the majority of mainstream jewelry brands fail to disclose their supply chains. This means that mainstream jewelry brands indirectly support environmental degradation and child labor. To help reduce this impact, consider choosing an ethical engagement ring instead. You can find a wide variety of different designs on Etsy.