Why Are Nike Jordans So Popular?

Michael Jordan is an icon, and numerous people look up to him. It has been 18 years since he hung up his jersey for the third and last time, but his nike jordans are still as popular today as when he stepped off the court permanently, if not more.

Does this point to his impact on the game as much as it does on the inherent qualities of the products themselves? Have you stopped to think why exactly an Air Jordan is just as valuable now as it was back in the day?

To help you answer these questions, we offer the following insights on the Jordan brand.

Michael Jordan is Undoubtedly the Greatest Basketball Player of All Time

If you ask basketball fans from across all generations who the GOAT is, most of them would say it’s Michael. Lending this type of legend and fame to a product would definitely raise its appeal not only to basketball aficionados but to casual followers as well.

Michael Jordan was one of the first athletes whose reputation crossed boundaries, races, gender, and whatever classification you could think of, and it is one of the many reasons why the Jordan brand was wildly successful.

They Came for the Player but Stayed for the Shoes

While there is no denying that Michael Jordan was or is one of the most charismatic figures in the history of sports, this alone can’t be credited for the brand’s lasting success. Aside from the player’s unprecedented fame, one of the biggest draws of the nike jordans is the performance of the products themselves.

This has been true since Day 1 with the very first Air Jordan. It had a simple silhouette and came in a very nice colourway. Its distinctive red and black design complemented the fashion popular at the time.

It also featured padded ankle support, a soft tongue, and a wide profile. It was comfortable to wear on the court and looked good off the court. That is why it was very appealing even to consumers who did not really follow the sport of basketball.

Clever Marketing Strategy

Michael Jordan, whether as a player or as a celebrity, was not hard to sell. Still, the people from Nike did a very good job in creating hype before the release of the first Jordan sneakers. The shoes were so highly anticipated that initial shipments were sold out right away.

Even the ones who were lucky enough to get their hands early on a pair of Jordans were able to flip them for almost double the original price as soon as they stepped out of the store. In 1985, $100 million worth of Jordan products were sold, which was much more than Nike’s total sales the previous year.

It Has Grown into a Status Symbol

If you hear the Jordan brand, you can’t help but feel some level of exclusivity. It is worn by actors, entertainers, and other celebrities. Even other elite basketball players wear Jordans proudly on and off the court.

If famous people wanted to “be like Mike,” how much more for the average guy?

Putting on a pair of Jordans makes you feel like you belong to this select group of people. What is more, it is the first sneakers that not only could people wear but also collect. It is more than just a shoe- It is a lifestyle.