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Why quality customer service is significant when purchasing recruitment software

It’s understandable to focus on the software features and the functionality when looking for a recruitment platform. But a good customer support system is every bit as vital as recruitment software features.

This goes for every kind of CRM software, whether staffing agencies are seeking a temporary recruitment agency software or a CRM for their permanent placements. Even executive search firms must be diligent about working with an executive search software solution that provides stellar service in every aspect.

Investing extra time to research the post-implementation service is key to a successful user experience. While it may be tempting to sign up with a CRM vendor who is popular for the features they offer, they might not have the kind of client support system you need.

Three key benefits of strong customer support

There are many advantages to working with a tech support partner that is serious about its client service and support. It pays off to devote time and energy to finding a well-rounded recruitment agency software solution with suitable features, easy functionality, and excellent customer service.

Here are three major benefits that come from having great support as a standard.

  • All-day strong support to help with any unexpected and urgent issues

Having an expert tech team to directly support you 24/7 is extremely valuable. Recruitment work requires continuous talent sourcing, generating client reports, etc. Thus, if any unforeseen tech issues crop up then it can hinder any kind of progress.

  • Swift turnaround time to ensure recruiters can continue smoothly with their job

Recruitment software vendors must be extremely careful that when their customers are calling them up for support there is someone who can help them. It is more prevalent than one would think for recruiters to call up their recruitment CRM support team and get no response. Fast response and further support to solve the problem will enable recruiters to get back to their work as quickly as possible.

  • Training upgrades to brush up on user understanding

Vendors usually provide one training exercise at the beginning to demonstrate how to navigate their CRM software. A good customer system includes regular training sessions to help recruiters brush up on their knowledge and understanding of the system. Every recruiter is not going to be tech-savvy. They will be grateful for refresher training courses.

How to identify a good post-implementation customer service and maintenance system

Staffing agencies can look at the list below when they are trying to distinguish a good quality recruitment software with a solid support plan from the rest in the market.

  • Knowledgeable and approachable consultants
  • Continued support available
  • Quick response time
  • Taking client feedback into consideration
  • Offers refresher training regularly

A good recruitment CRM supplier will ideally want to design and build a product that is easy to use and for their users never to encounter any issues. However, it is not possible to never encounter any tech problems.

When researching the best recruitment software, taking the time to examine what users really think about the CRM they use helps unearth important insight. Look out for any repetitive concerns that pop up when going through customer reviews. If more than a handful of users have complaints about no one answering their phone calls or queries, then prospective users can be certain that this vendor doesn’t prioritise quality client support.

Make a point to ask about post-implementation support. This can give clarity about the kind of assistance the vendors provide to all their customers. Infused remedies for everything

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